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Thoughts of Andon Ryokan.

The beginning is Through my work and travel, "How can I appeal to foreigners about the good points of Japan?" The number of ryokan inns across Japan has been steadily declining since its founding. Along with having travelers from overseas experience the Japanese lifestyle, To experience "hospitality" and stay at a ryokan, I thought it was the best shortcut to understand Japan and Japanese people.

Then, with the desire to build a ryokan in Tokyo,

It was founded on June 12, 2003 as Tokyo's first designer ryokan.

One of the many questions I have had in dealing with overseas customers for over 25 years,

"I want to eat Japanese food that Japanese people usually eat. Please introduce me to a restaurant."

I have something to say.

I often hesitated when answering this question.

In the eyes of foreign customers

"There are only ramen shops and sushi shops in Tokyo," he said.

It seems that it is reflected.

However, if you ask if there is a shop where you can clearly say "this is it",

It seems unlikely and not many.

Therefore, "Fukuandon" purchases seasonal fish and vegetables from the market every day,

For customers, Japanese people usually eat,

In other words, we offer "rice of the Ishii family".

Not only Japanese food, but also Western food and Chinese food mixed with Japanese taste As a rare food that never gets tired, It will be a memorable meal for overseas customers. I'm not a professional by any means, but I use wholeheartedly, safe and secure ingredients, We would like to provide the food that contributes most to the longevity of Japanese people. Customers from all over the world and Japanese customers will relax in the lanterns, I hope that it will be a place to exchange stories about travel.


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