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Travel is also everyday.
Daily healthy meal

Cafe & Bar Antique Teahouse Fukuandon (Ryokan 1st floor)


“Omakase” -one soup and three side dishes.

At the antique teahouse "Fukuandon", the owner who holds a chef's license is mainly in charge of cooking.

We are particular about seasonal fish and seasonal vegetables, and purchase rice and miso directly from the neighboring Adachi market and Kakugami fishing port.

Both set meals and course menus change depending on the ingredients and mood of the day.

​For the set meal, you can choose meat or fish as the main dish, and three side dishes are available.

In order to have as many vegetables as possible, we devised such as

We also offer dishes arranged so that mothers who are not good at vegetables can easily eat them.


The rice is sent directly from Ishikawa Prefecture.
From a rice farmer who has been certified as an eco farmer in Ishikawa Prefecture since 2000, with the motto of providing safe, secure and delicious rice, using organic fertilizers and cultivating with as little pesticides as possible. Here, all paddy fields are specially cultivated (cultivation using less than half of the usual amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers), aiming for rice cultivation that creates a food chain of abundant living things in the paddy fields.


The types of miso, like sake, are rich in local flavor. Sweet, medium hot, dry, rice, barley, soybeans... Sweet in Kyushu, dry in Tohoku. It's fun to buy miso at a nearby miso shop, but it's also great fun to take it back as a souvenir while traveling around the country.
At Kotto Chaya Fukuandon, we would like to enjoy and share with our customers as much additive-free miso as possible, along with the changes in taste.


At Fukuandon, we look at the ingredients of the day every day and think about the menu.
The nearby Adachi Market and Kakugami Gyoryu stock fresh seasonal fish. I choose the fish that matches today's sansai by considering the fish eyes of the day, the seasonal fish fresh on the market, the price, and other combinations.
I hear that more and more families don't grill fish at home, but just grilling freshly caught fish with salt is the ultimate feast.


Vegetable markets are fun. Red, blue, green, and other colorful vegetables are pleasing to the eye, and choosing the vegetables of the day draws inspiration when thinking about the menu.
As much as possible, choose mainly vegetables for the three side dishes. One of the main dishes, and the other two dishes are selected based on the season of the day. Feeling the seasons is fun for your eyes and good for your health. I would like foreigners to taste what Japan calls “home cooking”.

Business hours/Menu

The menu is an example. Varies depending on purchase






​Deliciousness of vegetables
and soup stock

Vegan/vegetarian menu available

Vegan breakfast example.jpg

You can also enjoy safe and secure handmade vegan dishes using seasonal vegetables and beans.

All the soup stock uses kelp soup stock or shiitake mushroom soup stock.

We are ready to accommodate customers with allergies. Please feel free to contact us. *If you have any allergies such as gluten, please contact us in advance.

Creating a space with antique teahouse Fukuandon

We use antique fittings that the owner purchased during his travels around the country.
For the ceiling, the antique rabbit frosted glass used in the old private house is covered with a double special shield so that it will not fall even if it breaks in an earthquake, etc., and the frame is also custom-made and used as lighting. . Each of the three has a different expression.

Tea Ceremony

These are items that the owner collected while traveling around the country.
The glass door of the tea ceremony has a frosted wisteria trellis, and there are two types of fish hanging from the ceiling, which are changed according to the season.
The chabudai is distorted due to aged deterioration, but it is a chabudai made in Japan. There are two braziers, one made of wood and one made of ceramic, and the wooden one has been around since the Edo period.


Vermillion Mizuya Dance

The Mizuya Dance made in 1934 is vermillion-lacquered and is unusual in size. Purchased before Andon Ryokan was built, it is the face of Andon Ryokan's lounge.

The cat on the far left above the Mizuya dance is from an antique shop in Otaru, the clay doll of a dog is from Heiwajima Antique Market, and the hot tub on the right is from an antique shop in Wajima. I have.

Counter is a single piece of wood

The large counter that shines in the antique space is made of a single plate of zelkova, and the PC counter is made of a single plate of ash wood, giving it a solid feeling.
The floor tiles and the tiles under the counter are original to Andon Ryokan, where the owner took seven days to create a pattern by combining color schemes, and then had a tile maker install it.


Regarding private use

We would like you to use this place as a tea ceremony, or as a free space where various events and workshops are held. Sometimes it can also be used as a stage for shamisen live performances and dance performances.


If you would like to hold a workshop, please contact us by phone or email.

The usage time will be negotiable.

Andon Ryokan

Antique teahouse  Fukuandon

Dining room, cafe & bar, restaurant

business hours

Breakfast 7:00-9:00 / Lunch 11:00-14:00 / Dinner 17:00-19:00

Breakfast is only available for hotel guests.
Lunch is closed irregularly. We recommend checking in advance.

Dinner must be reserved in advance by the day before.  

The coffee is Andon's original blend from Tombi Coffee (Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture).

Lunch time is put in hand drip.

Breakfast is only available for hotel guests.
Lunch is closed irregularly. We recommend checking in advance.

Dinner must be reserved in advance by the day before.  

The coffee is Andon's original blend from Tombi Coffee (Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture).

I use hand drip at lunch time.

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