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Andon Ryokan

Tokyo Shitamachi/Minowa Station 5 minutes on foot

A city full of downtown atmosphere with streetcars running

An inn where you travel and return with "I'm home"

Taito Ward, with its downtown atmosphere, and Minowa area, a town with a streetcar

The old-fashioned calm bustle and the convenience of walking distance to Asakusa and direct access to Ueno, Ginza, and Roppongi.

Enjoy the daily life of Tokyo from Andon Ryokan


Private Seaside House for Rent in Kamakura

Experience the tranquil beauty of Kamakura at our private guesthouse by the sea. Located in the charming neighborhood of Koshigoe, just 300 meters from the beach, our fully renovated "Umi Andon" guesthouse offers a serene retreat for your vacation.

Enoshima scenery/Scenery from Koshigoe coast_edited.jpg

Commitment of Andon Ryokan

To Eat

Meals at the Ishii Family

I never get tired of eating my mother's rice every day.
Mother's rice makes me feel nostalgic regardless of nationality, or the taste of a new adventure.
Depending on how my mother feels about the season, my mood, and sometimes I can't decide on the seasoning, I go shopping every day, choose from the ingredients of the day, and cook simply. Even in a world full of delicious ready-made dishes, I think that's the best treat.


In the Showa era, the standard breakfast was dried horse mackerel, rice, and miso soup on a table. We continue to provide it as “Ishii family rice”. We believe that providing healthy meals is the best form of hospitality.


To Warm

Relax in a large jacuzzi

Born in a downtown area and raised in a public bathhouse, one of the pleasures of New Year's was the painting that changed every year. On cold winter days, the best treat was the oden from the oden shop that always served in front of public baths.

With such memories of the Showa era in mind, the jacuzzi is auspicious, with an image of the original tiles of a sento. The tile paintings were hand-painted by Mr. Mi Ishii at his private Arita ware workshop in Kyushu, where he spent two nights finishing them.

I would appreciate it if you could get your body and mind excited and nuku nuku.

To sleep

for a good night's sleep

Committed to a comfortable night's sleep, all rooms are equipped with mattresses made by Showa Nishikawa's Muatsu Sleep Spa(a non-compression futon),  comforters made from 300g/m² feathers, and pillows made from natural feathers or pipes, which you can choose from depending on your mood that day.


The non-compression mattress has a unique structure designed for sleeping comfort, which supports the entire body in a well-balanced manner and supports smooth tossing and turning. Enjoy a warm, light, and fluffy night's sleep.


Be functional

Commitment to shared space

Each floor has separate washrooms for men and women, and shower spaces with TOTO shower bars.
There are plenty of free amenities such as free drinks such as green tea and black tea that you can freely enjoy, and free amenities such as shampoo conditioner. There is also a laundry and a shoe dryer, so you don't have to worry about long stays.

Be comfortable

travel and antiques

The owner's hobby is collecting antiques.
Whenever I travel, I always go to antique shops and antique markets. Talking with the owner of the local antique shop while shopping will be a good memory with the collected items. Recently, miso has been added to this.
The Mizuya dance on the first floor is almost 100 years old and has been in storage since before the building was built. I wanted to put this Mizuya dance in, so I had a hard time creating the space. Little by little, I collected the glass painting of the rabbit on the ceiling, and finally it fit on the ceiling. All the antiques in the museum have been brought to Andon Ryokan little by little from all over the country.
For me, comfort is living with people I like. We want our guests to feel this comfort.
Most of the tableware used in the antique teahouse was collected at the antique market. It's not expensive, it's something you can use every day, and it's fun and nostalgic.


Accommodation plan

宴会用 お食事例.jpg

Banquet plan


Vegan plan


Plan with dinner and breakfast

[Banquet plan] (2 meals) Seasonal ingredients Omakase course included! A total of 7 dishes ☆ Tipsy plan to taste seasonal ingredients <Dinner and breakfast included>

[Includes vegan breakfast] Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it without worry ♪ [3 types of miso soup to choose from]

[Dinner and breakfast included] (2 meals) Selectable homemade home-cooked meals and a comfortable space just like at home☆


​Welcome to Andon Ryokan.
Since it opened in June 2003, it is a rare designer ryokan in Tokyo that has been repeatedly visited by many domestic and overseas guests. Based on the good old Japanese home cooking menu, we serve it as one soup and three side dishes. My hobbies include traveling, antiques, and recently collecting miso.
One of the many questions that I have received from overseas customers over the past 30 years is, "I want to eat the Japanese food that Japanese people usually eat. Please introduce me to a restaurant." This question is often difficult to answer. In the eyes of foreign customers, it seems that "Tokyo has nothing but ramen restaurants and sushi restaurants." It's true that there aren't many restaurants where you can clearly say, "This is the usual Japanese meal," and there aren't many. Recently, I've been hearing from Japanese customers that they don't grill fish at home. 


Therefore, at Kotto Chaya Fukuandon, we buy seasonal fish and vegetables from a nearby market every day, and serve the taste of our mothers, or, in other words, "rice cooked by the owner, the Ishii family." I decided to. I go shopping every day and plan menus in order to provide the food that contributes most to the longevity of Japanese people, using safe and secure ingredients with all my heart. The menu, which mixes not only Japanese food but also Western food and Chinese taste with Japanese taste, is popular with customers as a memorable meal that they will never get tired of.
The theme of my life (work and travel) is "How can I appeal the goodness of Japan to overseas people?" For that reason, the best way to understand Japan and the Japanese people is to have travelers from overseas experience the Japanese lifestyle and feel "hospitality" and stay at a ryokan. I think.
We hope that Andon Ryokan, located in the town of Minowa, where the downtown atmosphere remains, will be a place where customers from all over the world and Japan can relax and talk about their trips.

​​ Owner : Toshiko Ishii

​ Access

2-34-10 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-3873-8611


Architectural Design

The beginning is the Ariake lantern of the Edo period found by the owner

Selected works by the Architectural Institute of Japan, architectural design with the image of "andon" and "tenement houses", tile art of a private jacuzzi reminiscent of a public bath "Kissho Zukushi", "wall cartoon" art drawn by a professional cartoonist, the owner's travel destination A number of antiques that I have collected.
There are various ways to enjoy Andon Ryokan.



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