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Andon Ryokan 20 Year Story

The beginning is the Ariake lantern of the Edo period found by the proprietress

June 2003 Established Andon Ryokan Designed with andon as the main theme
January 2009 Arita porcelain auspicious jacuzzi open
May 2012 Rooftop observation terrace open
January 2017 Renewal of restrooms and washrooms throughout the building "Fun Restrooms"
February 2020 Antique teahouse “Fukuandon” opened New group room on the 1st floor

architectural design

Architectural Institute of Japan Award 2005 (Architect Masayuki Irie)


The facility is a five-story steel-framed building, with the owner's residence on the 4th and 5th floors and the jacuzzi bath and luggage room for guests. When I was asked to design a building and thought about how to create a Japanese-style image with a steel structure, lanterns came to mind. I tried to make the action of lighting the room while the traveler stays visible to the outside. The Japanese atmosphere was created by combining DPG, metal horizontal louvers and punching, and panel materials.



Inside, in contrast, the amount of light is reduced so that it blends in with the texture of the lustrous black wood of the old folk house, and the light source is limited to near the floor. I hoped that the texture would be transmitted to the surfaces and materials, and that the Japanese space would be faintly highlighted. The materials used are cheap and available everywhere. Combining several of them, layering them, and applying more polish. The finish of the silica-calc board paint coating changes to the texture of rhombus twill weave with dull light. That is the wall of the corridor. The stainless steel hairline strike that cuts out the black iron part of the entrance of the guest room, the combination of aluminum angles and flat bars for the parting between the wallpaper and the wooden part, and the combination of acrylic, Japanese paper and lath, etc. There is, and the various exterior finishings, including the steel skeleton, are also a series of actions.

​​machiya style

The first floor is used for the front desk and lobby, and in the atmosphere of a townhouse-style with a dirt floor and a living room with a wooden floor, you can enjoy breakfast while chatting. It is my hope that a bright community will be created around the owner, who interacts with foreign guests and provides meals, and that this ryokan plays a role as one of the lively exchanges with foreign countries.


Selected Architectural Designs 2005
Journal of Architecture and Building Science Architectural
Institute of Japan

Awarded Architectural Institute of Japan

Andon Ryokan 2-34-10 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Masayuki Irie Jun Ikemura Takayo Irie

reminiscent of a public bath

tile art

Private spa/Jacuzzi



When I was a child, I went to a lively public bath every night and saw various events and scenes, and gained a lot of knowledge and common sense.
Also, I was really looking forward to seeing the big painting on the wall change at New Year's.
We hope that you will be able to feel the enjoyment of the andon Jacuzzi and relax.


Artist Miishii

This tile art was hand-painted by artist Mie Ishii in 2009, spending two nights at Soejima's personal workshop in Arita, Kyushu.
At the workshop, the tiles are fired in a kiln, and then the tiles are sent individually to Tokyo. Miishi himself, the architect, and the proprietress join the tiles again in the Andon, number the backs of the tiles, and then the tile craftsmen. was completed by
In the middle of the night after the painting was completed, I found that one of the left legs of the painting of a man dancing was upside down, and I now have a pleasant memory of putting it back in place.

newly written cartoon

Cartoonist Ryo Koshinori

Is this what it means to meet an encounter? One day, it turns out that the staff's father is a manga artist. With the refurbishment of the toilet, I requested "I want you to draw a cartoon on the wall." Mr. Ryo Koshinori kindly accepted my offer.

Born September 25, 1967 Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture
April 2004 Debuted in Kodansha's "Morning" and "NS'Aoi"
2011 Kodansha "Weekly Gendai" "Town Doctor Jumbo"
2015 Kodansha "Weekly Gendai" "Bank Liaison Officer Haruo Takenaka" serialized


many antiques

The landlady's antique collection is a set with a trip. Recently, miso has also entered.
When I travel, I always go to antiques and antique markets. Even in the middle of the drive, I stop the car at an antique shop. All the tableware in Fukuandon, other than the original ones, were collected at antique markets and antique shops. That's why it's distorted, lacks color, and makes you feel nostalgic.

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