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Precious memories


These are just several parts pictures of my vacation in Yakushima.  It’s located south of Japan, one of beautiful island.

I spend 5days and plus 1 extra day because my flight had canceled. I could stay longer than I planned : )  I really loved those dark greened mountains, bleu sky and sea also people, Onsen(hot springs)..etc.  I can’t show and explain enough about this island if you have time and chance I really recommend to stay there at least 5days.

I stayed at “Chinryu-An Guest house” that located south of the island. The view from the shared living room is great!  I liked watching the sky and sea from there, also I enjoyed breakfast and dinner watching the view everyday. After the meal I had a nice moment with a cup of coffee.  If you like Sho-chu, after the dinner time the living room change to a bar so you can have drink!

There are so many things to see and do or you don’t need to go anywhere just be relaxed.  I woke up with the twitter of  Japanese bush warbler and wind. I had a pleasant moment every morning. In the every evening, I went to Onoaida-Onsen that is near the Chinryu-An, local people use the Onsen like everyday so I felt a bit their real life.

I visited Jyanokuchi-notaki(took about 2 hours walk) and Shiratani-Unsuikyo(took about 2hour half walk) it’s my case.  A bit hard but when I get the top I was really happy : ) I saw many  cute deers, bugs(I hate them but I know that I have to get used to being with them)…plants, and huge trees. Everyday I found new things.

I really recommend “Yakushima”.

I will go back ☆ Yuka




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