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My Top 5 lists of Jiyugaoka ^.^


Welcome back to Jiyugaoka again, on Sunday I told you about my little trip to the city of freedom “Jiyugaoka”. Today, I want to share my top 5 favorites places and things to do around the city. Let’s get start!!!!

No. 5 Sweet Forests: Enjoy picking your favorite delightful desserts from 8 famous pastissiers

No. 4 Looking for unique spots: It’s fun to walk around and discover unique hiden spot to take a snap shot with friends or your special person.

No. 3 Wandering along “The Green Street”: Just buy some kabab from Doner’s Kabab, originally made by Turkish guy and enjoy having on the porce in late afternoon or stores hopping is also fun thing to do.

No. 2 Stores Hopping: there are so many “Zakka” stores and unique shops around this lovely town, you never know what you will discover. Like 3 stores I visited Art Meter offers various kinds of original arts painted by local artists. Cibone is also famous “Zakka” selling things from cloths to furniture. Velvet Rose is unique clothing and accessories store where imported and handmade products can be found.

No.1 Resting at quiet and peaceful tea house: My favorite place of all time at Jiyugaoka is “Kosoan” tea house, only 10 minutes walking from the station, there is a traditional house combined gallery and cafe together. I love their Matcha Latte and little piece of Japanese dessert. However, if you have enough of greentea, I also recommend English teahouse “St.Chistopher’s” I found by chance. This white tea cafe also offer scone for low-tea and high-tea in the English country ambience.
That’s all my favorite things to do in Jiyuugaoka. I hope that if you have a chance to visit Tokyo, you would not miss this little lovely town.


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