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Nadia, Farid and Mahamadou from Paris in France


erry and his wife Stephanie, Nate and Veronica.

This is their first visit in Japan so this time they enjoyed staying for 12days only in Tokyo!!

During their stay we had a lot of things.
They kindly helped us when we had a filming by a japanease TV program.
Also joined us Pasta party with Italian guests. We are glad that they had delicious pasta with us.

It was a cherry blossoms season in the biggining of their stay so they enjoyed Tokyo in the best season : )
We hope to see you again sometime!
Thank you very much.


A group of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore stays with us every year and we have a wonderful time with them every time : )
Min yann and Johnny were in the first group stayed with us in 2005. After that, they came to Japan few time individually and stayed at Andon every time!
It was also Min yann’s fourth time visit Japan and her birthday during their stay. We were very happy to celebrate her birthday at Andon!
We can’t wait for their next stay and also seeing lovely students from Singapore this year!
Ryoko & Yuka

Mr. and Mrs. Milligan



Mr. and Mrs. Milligan from Australia stayed with us for two days in February. I really enjoyed talking with them from our first meeting.

They were very interested in Japanese antique things and already had some antiques such as Japanese tea shelf at their home in Australia.
Mrs.Faye got to like our large antique shelf in a lounge very much. It’s one of the owner’s favorite,too. They had some green tea in front of the shelf after taking a Jacuzzi and talked about antiques every evening.
I recommended them some places to find Japanese antiques, however, two dayswere bit too short and they said “We will back next year,,!”

They had also a special experience in Kanazawa before coming to Andon. Theystayed at an old, traditional Ryokan there and they had the bean-scatteringceremony on the 3rd of Feb : )

I really missed them the last day and they gave me a doll of an Australian bird, Kookaburra. I’ll be waiting for your next stay with him,,!
Thank you very much for, Faye-san and Robert-san : )

This is a lovely family from Hawaii.


Terry and his wife Stephanie, Nate and Veronica.

This is their first visit except Terry because he lived in Kyoto once, so he speaks some Japanease.
And this time he took his family to Kyoto Tokyo and Nagano!!
This is the last night in Tokyo, before go out for dinner at a Sushi restaurant : )
And they are going to go to Nagano after Tokyo for skiing and also to take nice onsen(hot springs).

It must be colder than here so I hope they don’t chatch cold there…and
I hope they will have a wonderful time for the rest of the day in Japan.

Meli and Oli


Melissa and Oliver from Munich stayed with us for few days in January. They came to Japan for Oliver’s conference and he made a speech of science at Tokyo University. They had free time for few days after his job and chose us to stay!
They had very different personality each other. Melissa was very creative person and she made amazing designed jewels for her business. Oliver was calm and intellectual as his occupation, and had great humor. However, they had also many similarities, especially, taste of food and sake,,! Both of they loved nice sake and their favorite was Nigori-sake(unfiltered sake) which was my favorite,too!
Melissa was good at cooking and she tried to find many ingredients of Japanese food such as wasabi, picked plum, dried bonito and so on. I got find approachable for her straightaway because I was also very interested in food and cooking.
I gave them some recommendations of shops and restaurants during their stay. They also gave me their recommendations of a brand of sake and a local supermarket in Asakusa before their leaving.
I totally enjoyed talking with them all the time. I felt strongly that “food has no national boundaries!”
It was a great meeting you,Meli and Oli. Hope to see you again soon!


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