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Lena and Malini


Lena and Malini stayed with us about for 10 days.
Malini was just 16 years old, but very sociable and smart girl.. She always talked and shared many travel tips with other guests in a lounge. She was also very interested in Japanese comics and music.
Her mother, Lena-san was very kind person. She was concerned for other people even though for our Andon staff and gave us some Omiyage when they came back from their short trip in the country side of Japan.
I was very happy to hear that they could feel at home when they came back to Andon after staying with other hotel near Mt.Fuji : )
Thank you so much and it was a great meeting you, Lena-san and Malini-chan!


Lovely students from California College of the Arts


Welcome back, Doug-sensei!
Mr. Doug is a professor of California College of the Arts and brings his students to Andon every year.
They stayed with us about for 2 weeks in June. It’s normally the low season here in June, but they brought life to Andon! I really enjoyed seeing and chatting with them every day.
We all were very happy that we could celebrate our 9th anniversary on June their last night in Japan, June 12th!
Thank you very much, Jinny, Jon, Jessica, Liz, Ayesgul, Christy, Megan, Jason, May, Nathan, Chris, Lisa , Shalini, Wendie, Kelly, Mrs.Dorothy and Mr.Doug!
Look forward to seeing your group again next summer : )

Ryoko, Yuka, Taka

Jeff from San Francisco


He stayed at Andon about a week. Many people come to Japan to enjoyed traveling various places here. However, he came to Japan to write an essay!
He said that he wanted to escape from his daily working to concentrate on writing and decided to visit Japan. During his stay, he always dashed off an essay in a lounge after breakfast and sometimes took a break and enjoyed chatting with us. I was very pleasant time : )

There was another memorable thing when he stayed with us. We had just opened Andon Sky Terrace on a rooftop and he was the first guest went up our terrace! I was very happy to share our joy and excited feeling with him.

Hi Jeff, have you finish your writing?
I hope to see you again and read your long essay someday! : )


This is “Eero and Jussi” from Finland


This is their first visit in Japan and they stayed 15 nights with us!
When I met them on the first day they look very tired but it was just a long flight.

They are very quiet and polite and also curious about japanease culture very much.
When they ware having the tea ceremony they asked the tea master questions seriously.
Almost every night they enjoyed jacuzzi. We are glad that you guys liked it : )

This piture is in the early morning on their last day.
Thank you very much for staying so long. We hope to see you again!

Father and sons



Mr.Andy and his lovely sons,Xavier and Arky stayed with us in April.
I really enjoyed talking with them and making some Rosehip tea for Xavier and Chamomile tea for Arky every afternoon : )

Xavier was very gentle and had great sociable nature. He always enjoyed talking with others and explained many things for me.
Although Arky was very young boy, he established his style. When he arrived Andon, he wore a nice jacket with beautiful red bow tie attractively!
And their father, Mr.Andy was also very interesting and attractive person. He was an artist and used to be a punk band member. He had a large knowledge of music which included some Japanese artists!
When they talked about music and art, they looked like close friends : )

I really really hope to see them again in the future and will keep a wonderful drawing carefully which Arky drew and gave me : )
Arigato, Mr.Andy, Xavier and Arky.

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