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A happy couple


Sabine and Michael stayed with us in Aug and Sep.
They always looked very happy because they got married last year : )
As we enjoyed talking during their stay,I found that I had several interests in common with both of them.

Sabine liked shopping and was very good at cooking. I love both,too. She participated in a local cooking class when she visited Kyoto. She also let me know some recipes of home made soup which she often makes for Micheal at home. Michael liked reading and he read a novel of Haruki Murakami in a lounge. I’m a big fan of his works. We talked about his novel and exchanged some recommendations about books of our each country : ) They also liked dancing. They found a Tango dancing class in Tokyo and went there to enjoy Tango dancing! How active and romantic!

Thanks for staying with us and it was a great meeting you, Sabine and Michael!
Hope to see you again.




When he arrived Andon from France, he was very excited, and no wonder,because he had studied Japanese by himself eagerly in France and it was finally his first visit Japan!
He stayed with us about for 2 weeks and we sometimes enjoyed talking in Japanese : )He had also an interest in fashion so he enjoyed strolling and shopping around Harajuku area.

On the last day of his journey, he visited Tsukiji honganji temple to seeBon dancing festival which is the special feature of summer in Japan. He really wanted to see it because the first topic of his Japanese text bookwas about this festival..!

Thank you very much for choosing your first stay in Japan with us,Mr.Pierre.
Hope to see you again! Arigato!


Guillaume and Larisa from Canada


When I met them at Andon they just arrived in Japan.
Then I heard that they are going to visit Kyoto, Osaka… and more for several weeks.
I was planning to climb Mt. Fuji but I didn’t t tell about it.

But I happened to meet them at Mt.Fuji !!
At first I thought they resemble our guest who I met and talked recently.
So I looked them carefully and they were also looked me.
After few seconds we recognized each other then took this picture.

I don’t know they climbed to which level but I hope they didn’t get sickness like me…
instead enjoy climbing and watching the view from the mountain.

Thank you very much!
It is unforgettable memory : )


Olivier and Johann


Miss you, Olivier and Johann!
They stayed with us for 11 nights in July.

Olivier was very friendly and sociable person. He could play many kinds of music instrument, especially guitar was amazing. He looked very mild,but his taste of music was very,very heavy! I listened to some songs he composed. It was very hard and super cool : )
Johann was very gectle and clever with his hands. They joined our tea ceremony and origami class during their stay and both of a tea master and a teacher of origami were very surprised with his great skill even though it was his first time!

Both of them were very good at cooking. They made French home cooking in a lounge every evening and it was sooo tasty!!!
They cooked together in close collaboration. It looked very enjoyable and I could imagin their living at their share house in France : )

I also enjoyed Olivier’s blog as below. I wish I could read French,,!

Thank you so much for staying with us and such wonderful French meals,,!
I look forward to seeing you again!


This is guests from Netherland, Jan, Johannes, Lidwina and Maria.


They seem really enjoyed their stay in Japan. They look happy everyday, talking drinking and eating together : )
This is a moment of the morning after their breakfast.
This morning Jan decolated the flags before Lidwina shows up because it was her birthday.

When she comes the lounge they present a song!
Other guests who were in the lounge also sang together and she was moved very much.
It was really lovely moment and they made us smile : )

Thank you very much.


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