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Swiss Restaurant


I went to lunch at the Swiss restaurant with Yuka today. There is Yanaka area where is old street and many shops and several cafes.
We went to “Chalet Swiss mini” and ate lunch set.
Interior decorations are very cute and using all of Swiss items.

We really enjoyed there and we will go to there for eat cheese fondue next time :)

After that we walked around Yanaka area. There is old shopping arcade and we can buy and eat snacks.
Also there are a lot of interesting cafe and we took rest with cake and coffee.

Yanaka is really interesting place and not far from Andon.
I went to working after enjoyed at there.

One more things… I foud spring when I was walking to the street! It was very beautiful Japanese apricot tree!

I’m looking forwrad to cherry blossom season!


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Spring is now with us!


I found that a small cherry tree were in bloom on the roadside when I went to work today : ) It was on the way to Andon from Minowa station so please don’t miss that when you visit us!!


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Sumida River cruise


I went to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba to see their event “HOTERES JAPAN 2010″.
Many kinds of products concerding hotels and restaurants were introduced in the exhibition.I really enjoyed seeing them and also bought some products there : )
It took quite long time to see everything and I was so tired when I went out of the hall that I didn’t want to take a crowded train.At that time,I thought of a good idea.I took a ferry from Odaiba to Asakusa!
It was a beautiful sunset there and the ferry went the Sumida river slowly as it passed many bridges.
We will have the cherry blossom season next month so it must be wonderful if we take a ferry then : )


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Lion King


I went to musical of “Gekidan-shiki” and watched the Lion King.

The Lion King is produced by Disney Animation and it is one of my favorite movie.

In the theater, there are a lot of family and I thought that children could not sit down on the seat long time.
However it was dynamic action and was not able to take its eyes off so three hours rolled on quickly and nobody got bored.
I really recommend it even if you do not know Japanese.
I bet, you can feel and got impression.

This summer, “Beauty and the Beast” will be coming!
I am really looking forward to see it!


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