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Awa Odori


I went to Awa Odori restaurant with boss, Maru-chan and Asami-san because Maru-chan will go back to Italy on Monday so we went to dinner with him. It was really funny restaurant and located in Ginza!  They are served Tokushima prefecture food and Awa Dance time!  Every meal were really tasty and nice! We had a chicken Nabe with  lot of collagen!!  They held Awa Odori time from 19:30 everyday and we joined it!! First we watched their dancing and then they told us and dancing together.The Awa Dance  is held on  August as part of the Obon festival in Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku.  Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan, attracting over 1.3 million tourists every year.  

Only boss and Maru-chan were choosen best dancer from all of guests on that night because we had really good Awa dance teacher from next our table!! It was really nice time and had a great fun!! I highly recommend to go this restaurant when you come to Japan! I also want to go to there again with friends!!

阿波踊りのレストランへ社長とマルちゃんとアサミさんと行ってきました。 料理は徳島の郷土料理を頂くことができて、とてもおいしかったです。料理だけでもとても楽しめたのですが、毎日7時半に阿波踊りタイムあり、阿波踊りのショーを見ることができます。それだけではなく、阿波踊りを教えてもらい、参加もしました!金曜の夜もあって、とても多い人数の人たちで踊り、まるでお祭りのようでした。なんと!社長とマルちゃんだけが、その中からベストダンサー賞に選ばれました☆1つのテーブルから二人も出るのはめったにないことらしく、お店の人も驚いてましたが、それほどまでに上手な踊りでした(笑)たまたま隣に座っていたお客さんが徳島の方で、丁寧に踊りを教えていただいたからこそだと思います。本当に楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。


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What’s your favorit Hayao Miyazaki’s animation?

Mine is “Kiki”. I like the story which gives a very good picture of young girl’s feeling. I saw the film when I was a elementary student and felt her age of  11 years old was a grown-up for me. I also longed to travel to a long way off alone like Kiki. Long time later, when I was a university student and moved to live alone,I remembered the film.

Mr. Peter who stayed at Andon went to Ghibli museum with his brother and cute son, and gave me a lovely pin badge of Kiki when They come back.

I’m working with Kiki every day..!







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White chocolate


I got a White chocolate today. It’s drink. I have never had white chocolate so I wanted tast it.

It’s not so sweet than I expected, I thought it’s like white moca at Starbacks but it’s ok. I shouldn’t have that sweet at home too : ) but still high calories though…

This is a product from America, someday I want some oatmeal flavored with fruits I got many when I was in U.S.A.





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Vacation trip in Switzerland


I visited to Geneva in Switzerland and Paris in this vacation. I would like to talk about Swizerland in this time.  I enjoyed to sightseen in Genava town on the first and second day.It was old and histolical town. There was big and beautiful fountain in the Lake Leman. I really like this town and enjoyed shopping too.  Of course I had cheese meal a lot ;)  


Next day I went to Chillon castle. It is  located on the shore of Lake Leman in the commune. I walked inside castel and took about 2 hours. They had Japanese guide earphone so I could understand about it very well.  


After that I traveled to Gornergrat. It took about 4 hours by train. I stayed on the mountain that night. Hotel name is ” 3100 Kulmhotel” and  it was really nice locaton and beautiful view.  I really enjoyed this hotel very much!! This is hotel web page so please check it!  I could not see Matterhorn as bad weather when I arrived at there but weather was getting better and was able to see nic view in the night and morning. It was very impressive and great trip.




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Kamakura is one of my favorit area surround of Tokyo because we can enjoy both of beautiful seaside and mountain side in the same area and it is not so far from the center of Tokyo, just about one hour by train. 

I always enjoy walking around Kamakura and Kitakamakura area as I see some temples and shrines and also like taking a local,cute train ” Enoden” on the seashore.

This time, I visited Enoshima island as well and found a wonderful restaurant in there! It’s located in the edge of the island so we can see beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean as we are having many kinds of fresh local fisa dishes. I highly reccommend this restaurant if you visit there : )



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