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Amazing Holiday in Thailand!


I visited Bangkok in Thailand for my winter holiday. It was quite short trip just for six days,but I enjoyed to the full and it sure was my best holiday in my life so far.
I arrived Bangkok rather late evening and my friends, Marco and Machiko came to meet me at the airport. My sleepiness and tiredness vanished as soon as I saw their smile : ) We really enjoyed dinner at a local Thai restaurant which Marco reccommended.

Next day,we visited some famous temples and palace by boat that was really exciting and enjoyable. When I was walking in a beautiful temple with Marco,my mind was very calm and peaceful. it was absolutly pleasant time.We also enjoyed going around the town taking Tuk-Tuk. I think I enjoyed bit too much and it was very hot in the afternoon,so I had a fever at night,,!
I completely recovered next morning : ) We went out from Bankok city to wonderful suburb areas such as Maeklong and Amphawa. I was so surprised with market which was a lively local market on a railway,,!How come,,!?
We had fine lunch by the river in Amphawa.It was wonderful.
After returned the city, I met my cousin who was working in Bangkok and Marco took us to his friend’s house. We had dinner together as we were talking about many things for a while.

On the firth day,I finally visited Ayutthaya. Marco always had a really great idea. We took a rental motorbike there!How exciting,,!: ) We were stroking around there by our cute bike as we like,free and easy. It was one of the most unforgettable memories for my trip.
Marco intoduced me another his friends in the evening and had dinner,and explorered to the night Bangkok town,,!
Fifth day,it was a “shopping day” for me so we went to weekend market and found many cute things for souvenirs : )

How time flies!
I felt so sad when I arrived the airport again. It was an absolutly amzing holiday for me.
Marco said me that “traveling is very simmilar to our life”.
I understand the meaning now. I was able to meet many nice people,many places, many situations,and was able to see myself through them.
My mind is still in Thailand now,,,!


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