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from a boat

I went to Yokohama with my friend, it was lovely day so we had great time.
First, we went to Yokohama station and had lunch, there are many place to eat at Yokohama so it was very difficult to dicide a restaurant.
We had Italian food at “CORNEA” which is very colose to a pier.
Then we took a boat to Yokohama red brick warehouse.

Christmas market

We went there to see a Christmas market!! There were many people and long lines for food. There was a skating rink too! But we are not good at skating so didn’t try, but I wanted… Many childrens were skating.
赤レンガ倉庫へクリスマスマーケットを見に行きました。すると沢山の人と食べ物を求めて並ぶ列がありました。そしてスケートリンクもありました!滑ってみたかったですが、二人とも上手ではないので止めておきました。 子供たちが楽しそうに遊んでいました。

sweet marshmallows and a piace of bread with mascarpone cheese and cinnamon

I got this bread and my friend had marshmalows.
We wanted sausages but the shop had long long line so we chose sweets.
I really suprised that the tast of bread, it’s very soft and tasty.
So deliciouse even if it’s Without cheese :)

china town!! it’s beautiful.

At night, we went to China town where is very populer in Yokohama.
There are also thousand of chinese restaurants. We walked for a while and finally we dicided one of restaurant by our intuitives.
Yokohama is nice city and there are many people taking walk with their dogs and reabbit too!! It’s very adorable.



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