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I went to Yanaka area! I like this area because there are many interesting cafe, restaurant, shopping arcade and cemetery. It is little old town but really nice atmosphere. I went to the curry restaurant that Ryoko-chan had recommended in the this blog before. It likes Chinese herbal medicine curry…. sounds so wired… but it was nice taste and made me warm and healty!! Shop owner was friendly and good service! You can get free dessert if you reserved the seat in advance ;) After that I went to cafe and had a really nice coffee! There are a lot of old books and spend time as much as I want!  I had a good time after working! One more information: You can go this area from Andon about 15 min by bus. It is not so far from here so please explore when you visit to the Andon!
以前、涼子ちゃんがブログでお勧めしていた薬膳カレーのお店へ行ってきました。とても食べやすく、おいしかったです。スタッフの人もとても親切で、サービス満点でした。予約をするとデザートのサービスがあるのもよかったです♪そのあと、books & cafe BOUSINGOT というカフェへ行きました。古本がたくさん置いてあり、コーヒーもとてもおいしく、自分の時間をゆっくりと持てるので、本当によかったです!谷中は行燈からもバスで15分前後で行けるので本当にお勧めです。

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