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Wonderful stay at yougendo : )


I visited Nara this week since I went for a school excursion when I was in a jounior high, it was quite long time ago.  The owner of Andon, Toshiko-san highly reccommended me sevral times to visit “yougendo” which was a very cosy traditional accommodation in Nara. I finally got a oppotunity to visit them and stayed for one night.

It was absolutely one of my favorit places I’ve stayed up until now. I was originally very interested in traditional Japanese buildings so was very looking forward to seeing their beautiful Japanese-style house. It was ahead of my expectations..!

It was not just traditional, old, but also very elegant and gorgous,I felt. I especially liked the painting on a fusuma in zashiki rooms. I also enjoyed having look at a beautiful couryard and some antiques displayed around the rooms.

There was a fine bar restaurant “yougendo” just beside the entrance gate. It was converted an old warehouse into a bar. So cool! I loved its atmosphere,interior decorations,music,everything. The owner,Mr.Chris cooked elaborate dishes one after another. I totally enjoyed it as I was talking with friendly yougendo staff members and other guests.It was a pleasant time : )

When I went to a lounge in the following morning, I found a really interesting, peaceful scene…! Many guests were getting up and just coming to a lounge, and made themself absolutely at home and very relaaaax. It looked like a big family…! The gorgous traditional Japanese-style house I saw last night changed to a lively big house filled with the feel of human life..! That’s wonderful and cool!!

Thanks so much, Chris-san and lovely yougendo staff members. I’m already looking forward to coming back there and will prefer to stay longer next time!


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