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The eighteen gold bath in Chiba prefecture.


I went to Chiba prefecture for a short trip. I reserved the Hotel Mikazuki because the hotel has golf course so they gave a good price with accommodation. It is a very popular plan in Japan. I didn’t expect the hotel with luxury but I was surprised it. The hotel has a lot of bronze statues and everything looks like gorgeous. Especial was the eighteen gold baths. They have one each bath men and women in hot springs. It was covered the glasses. I took it a short time because some people were waiting this bath. It was written people will take happiness something. I felt the hot water temperature was low so I couldn’t get warm enough. The price was 150 million yen and it already had 500,000 people. The hotel also had a cold water pool with a hot sauna on the roof. I was deficient in courage took it than taking a gold bath. I was a little regret.

行ってきました。勝浦ホテル三日月、「ゆったり、たっぷり、ノンビリー。」 なんて言う宣伝の歌と共に昔からとても覚えていましたが、まさかこんなに豪華だとは思いもよりませんでした。18金のお風呂は一人しか入れない為、混雑時は長湯は禁止です。その為、早く出たくなるように、お湯の温度は低く設定してあって、チャポンと浸かったらもう御仕舞。しかしながら、気のせいか御湯が柔らかく感じました。こんな機会は人生にもめったになく、恥ずかしながら浸かってきました。


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