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Sky Tree!


Andon is located in the east of Tokyo where is called “Shitamachi”(old Tokyo) and my home town is there as well.
Tokyo SkyTree is under constraction in Sumida-ward where is also in Shitamach area so I see the tower when I go to work every day. It’s getting higher and higher every day!

I went to Oshiage to see a friend of mine today and Tokyo Sky Tree was built just in front of the Oshiage station.When I got off the train and was going up from the underground,the big noise of constraction was heard.When I went out the exit,the huge white tower was rose before my eye’s!
It’s 398m in hight at the morment and the tower will be one of the world tallest for 634m in June 2011.

The constraction surround the tower was also very huge in scale.
Oshiage is a old,commonplace town now,however,it must be going to change vastely in one year.
I can’t wait for the completion..!





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2 Responses to “Sky Tree!”

  1. Konomi says:

    Wow!!! Im so excited to see it when I go to Japan next time. It should be taller than the present Sky tree.

  2. Andon Ryokan 行燈旅館 says:

    Apperently, the Rest of upper side is under construction inside of the lower part. I wonder when it's show up!

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