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I would like to introduce very nice guests from Australia.

This group leader and guide is Ms. Lynee!
She can speak Japanese very well and her Japanese is very polite.
They visited in the Andon in this week and were traveling by the relative and the friend about one month.

Her father (Mr. Dovg) 79years old, her mother (Ms.Val) 71 years old, her aunt (Ms.Lea)71years old, her uncle (Mr.Dovg)70years old and her friend(Ms. Kerry)71 years old! It is total age 349 years old (*^_^*)
I hear that the secret of long life is to drink the tea of two liters every day ;p

It was a their travel plan yesterday as below:
They went to Tsukiji (fish market) from 6 o’clock after that Ueno park, Harajyuku, Yoyogi park and Shinjyuku and came back to the Andon around 8 o’clock.
After that they went out for dinner again and ate Okonomiyaki.

It was very hard schedule even for me but they were fine.
I was surprised by their power!!
This morning they waked up early and checked out in here because they went to Ghibli museum and Asakusa before their flight(+o+)!!
How much they are powerful!?
I really like to them! I hope that they go back home safety and had a great memories in Japan.

Thank you very much for stayed in the Andon.



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