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I was on a vacation in Perth!

The beach in Rockingham

It was my first time to visit Australia but I had heard alot about Australia from Kayo and Ryoko so I was very excited to go there! I swam with wild dolphins in Rockinghum : ) it was my main event. When I was a child I wanted be a dolphin trainer so when I found a group of them on the surface of the sea I really impressed, I felt like I was in a dream.

They like playing!

 オーストラリアは初めてでしたが、Kayoさん Ryokoさんから色々な話を聞いていたのでとっても楽しみでした!パースの近くにあるロッキングハムで野生のイルカと泳いできました:)これが一番の目的でした。 子供の頃の夢はイルカの調教師だったこともあり海面に沢山のイルカを見つけた時はとっても感動し、夢をみているような不思議な感覚でした。

Next day I went to Fremantle. There are some markets near Fremantle station on week-end and many cafe shops. It’s a small city and quiet I really loved it! I could relaxed.

Fremantle, near the station


I hired a bike and a snorkel in Rottnest island. I wanted to snorkeling but it was cold that day so I didn’t then I went to some points by bike.

He(a quokka) looked at me!

I met some cute animals in the island!! Green island was my turning point. It’s very beautiful!! I liked these colours.

green island

Parker point
I expected this island is small, in the map it seems very small but it’s not that small and there are many steep slope so it was very hard for me but I enjoyed it very much because there are many beautiful views everywhere!! 
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