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My Sweet Day


I love having sweet especially ice cream and all kinds of cake, I can even have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day. Well, I actually did it few days ago. Hidemi Sugino in Kyobashi ( just off Ginza district) was my first stop, this pastissier found in 1973 and the owner chef Hidemi Sugino become well-known when he won the world pastissier championship in 1991. The waiting line’s started even before the shop opens each day. Of course, when I got there, I had to que up, once the store opened, everyone walked inside in order to select the choice of cake or kind of sweet then proceed to a seat. Unfortunately, picture inside the facility is not allowed in order to preserve the quatity of time of each customers to enjoy the taste of each cake. However, I managed to find picture of the cake I chose, which both were famous and could only be eaten inside only. The rich taste of quality ingredient was mouthful and worthed all I paid for….Next, I stoped by Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum to see the exhibition of Karigurashi no Arrietty and had lunch at cafe Hai, for dessert, I chose Vietnamese Flan, which used lots of contense milk and coffee for the caramel with crush ice, it’s very refreshing after a long walk.
Then I went to Shibuya for the sake of having Shoto sponge cake, I knew this Shoto Cafe by watching Japanese TV show, that the man in yellow suit walks along the area to search for cheap and delicious food that is recommened by each place he visited. For the Shibuya district, he ended up at Shoto Cafe and had toasted Shoto cake with fresh whip cream, of course I ordered the same thing and nothing went wrong…it’s surely the best and most delicious sponge cake I’ve ever had.
With My New Blythe
By Machiko
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