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Look this beautiful sky!! It was a nice day. I often went back to my home town “Kawagoe” which is in Saitama prefecture. It’s about 1 hour from Tokyo by train, quite close. It’s very popular city in Japan. If you have time and want to visit somewhere different city from Tokyo “Kawagoe” is a good place ; ) As you can see the first picture of Kawagoe city, there aren’t telegraph poles because in October we have a big traditional festival, called “KawagoeMatsuri”. During the festival, many floats will go through around this area and those are more than 8 meters high so we needed remove them otherwise a man had to be on the top of a float to move the electric wires by their hands. It’s very dangerous.  
There are lots of traditional shops in Kawagoe, ”Kameya” is a one of  famous japanese sweets shop. 

I don’t go often but when we have something special I go with my mother. It’s very good for gift and souvenir. 
何か特別な事がある時に母と買いに出掛けます。 贈り物やお土産にとても人気があり、よく利用します。
This is their original one. It’s shaped turtles because their name “Kameya”(Kame) means turtles so it’s their symbol. I really love it! It tasts similar to Dorayaki(sweet small beans between sponge cake).
これはオリジナルの亀の形をしたどら焼きです。「亀屋」のシンボルです。 普通のどら焼きの味ですが、この形が可愛くて大好きです。
If  you visited Kawagoe, please try some food made from sweet potatos such as Ice creams, cakes, beers, chips and  more. Kawagoe is famous for sweet potatos too.
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