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I went to Kamakura this Monday with my friend. It was crowded very much because of Golden Week. You can see how much crowded from the picture :)
First we went to restrant for the lunch. All were very delicious in the dish from the vegetables in Kamakura.
Please try Kamakura-vegetables when you go there!

And then we went to the “Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu” to see the sprout of the ginkgo tree.
At the left of its stairway stood a 1000-year old ginkgo tree, which was uprooted by a storm in the early hours of March 10, 2010. I am very sorry about it but new sprouts are growing up! I hope that there are growing up very well.
Do you know that there is very famouse power spot ;)


Next, we went to Yuigahama beach and walked on the beach. It was not cold weather so we enjoyed at there! We went to the bar near the beach because we had become tired walking too much!
This bar was in front of the beach so it was very nice location and had drinking a lot :p


After drinking, we went to see a huge statue of Buddha. He makes me calm. I took many pictures of buddha from various angles. I set my mobile-phone screen in the stand-by display of buddha! hehehe

鎌倉といえば、鎌倉の大仏様。いろんな角度からパシャパシャとカメラをとりまくりです。私の携帯の待ち受けも、、大仏様(*^^)v へへへ。

It takes about one and half hour from the Andon to Kamakura and it’s quite different from Tokyo. Also we went to Yokohama after visit to there.
It’s near the Yokohama so I recommend to visit to Yokohama as well :)


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