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Honeymoon in Japan


We have always known, that we will spent our honeymoon in Japan,
when we would get married one day.
In summer 2009 it became true and we celebrated our marriage.
We saved enough money and started to plan our trip to the
land of the smile!
We spent 12 nights in Tokyo (our favorite city) and
9 nights in Kyoto. From there we made daytrips to Nikko, Kamakura,
Hiroshima and Osaka.
11 nights we stayed in the Andon Ryokan and we felt very
comfortable. It was an adventure to sleep so near to the floor,
but so we felt like real Japanese! :)
We found a new hobby and attended the jakkuzi every evening.
For me, an interior designer, the hole house was a lucky strike. I
loved the details how to implement japanese folkways in modern
What was the best of the Andon Ryokan?
The best were all the nice and very obliging persons of the
Andoncrew! We felt like at home and very welcome! Thank you all!!
What was your favorite place of interest?
It is very hard to decide for one of all these very lovely places,
but our favorite was the Yanaka district near the Uenopark. There we
found the traditionell Japan close to the busy Tokyo.
Now, back in Germany, we got a lot of delightful impressions and
we will never forget our time in Japan, especially our time in Tokyo -
in the Andon Ryokan. If we ever will come back we are going to
stay by YOU!

Holger and Nadine from germany

Thank you very much for staying with us,Holger and Nadine!
I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Japan : )
I also enjoyed talking with you in a lounge during your stay.
I hope I will visit your beautiful country,Germany someday and also hope to see you
again here in Japan : )
We are waiting for you!
Thank you very much.


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