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I went to Jiyugaoka to hang out alone.  It’s rainy season but fortunately, it was nice day yesterday.
There are many good shops and cafe as Machiko wrote before, so I never get bored in jiyugaoka ; )
After that I went to Hiroo.
Near the station, there is a nice park. It called “Arisugawa Park”.  In the park very calm and especially this time there is a lot of greenery so you don’t need any hats in this park. And I could feel a bit cool.
Next to the park there is a National Azabu Supermarket and Baskin Robbins, also some cafes. This area is quite small but very populer in Japan so there are always many people.

In the park, there is a fine library. They have many reference seats.
I really liked it. You can put your bags in a locker(not big) so if you went to hiroo drop into the library.(They have English books too.)  


その後に広尾へ行きました。駅の近くに有栖川公園と呼ばれている公園があります。ここはとても静かで特に今の季節は帽子も必要無いほど緑が茂っています。 少し涼しく感じました。
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