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Happy Journey in Europe!


I took my vacation and traveled for London,Edinburgh and Paris for 10 days : )

I visited London after an interval of 8 years.I’m really interested in cultures of London such as punk music,nice art galleries,old beautiful buildings,fine tea,unique fashion and so on.
My favorit film is “Billy Elliot”,and I saw that musical on the day subsequent to my arrival.I have already seen the musical twice in Sydney, however it was tha first time in London and it was ,of course,amazing!
I saw a friend of mine and had dinner together at a fine Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden.It was really pleasant time.Thanks Ricardo : )
After London,I flighted to Edinburgh.

On that evening I arrived there,I went drink with Richard and Eve.They are very nice couple and It was my first time to have a glass of gin with”cucumber”,,!I really liked it : )

The next day,my friend Gavin showed us so many beauties and attractions of Edinburgh.

We climbed the hill and looked out of great scenery of Edinburgh town. It was so beautiful!We also walked on the main street of town as we hung around on the way.Edinburgh castle was also wonderful.

We called by a local pub in the town and had very local dishes such as fish & chips and Haggis with local beer.That’s perfect,,!

It was a sunny and beautiful wether and many wedding ceremonies were held everywhere in the town.I saw many local man wearing their traditional clothes,Kilt.It was so cool!!

After staying in Edinburgh for two days,I came back to London and moved to Paris by Eurostar.
There were so many wonderful dishes everywhere in Paris,,!I might gain weight much there.
I also traveled for Mont St Michel from Paris for one night.I had have wanted to visit there for a long time and it was above my expectation.

I walked around many places in Paris and there were still so many places where I haven’t visited.

I hope to vsisit there again in the future : )

I always meet many people who come to visit Andon from abroad.
I find their feeling through my journey for Europe this time.
I really want to welcome our arriving guests with a big smiling : )




到着した夜には、私の大好きなカップル、Richard と Eve と一年振りに再会しちょうど盛り上がっていたワールドカップの話をしながら楽しくお酒を飲みました。ジンにキュウリを入れて飲む美味しさを初めて知りました、、!
翌日は友人のGavin のお陰で、本当に多くのエジンバラの魅力に出会うことが出来た一日でした。
丘に登りエジンバラの町並みやそのずっと向こうの自然を望み、ため息が出るくらいきれいな風景を目にすることが出来ました。お喋りをしながら、時に彼の解説を聞きながら、古い石畳の町を散策するのは本当に楽しい時間でした。からりと良いお天気だったので喉が乾き、小さなパブに入り郷土料理のハギスと地ビールで休憩もしました。日曜日だったため、wedding ceremony やpartyを街のいたるところで目にしました。民族衣装のキルトを身に付けた男性にたくさん出会えたのも旅のよい思い出になりました。


Welcome to Andon!

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