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Department store Maruhiro in Kawagoe-city


custard cream, chocolate cream, macya cream and fresh cream
I went to “Maruhiro” in Kawagoe-city in Saitama. It’s very famous local department store in Kawagoe.
Kawagoe-city is my home town so I often go there Since when I was a child.
There is one of populer TV program for women in the moning.
Every week day they have a guest and they ask a recommend food to the guest.
Most of the time it’s sweets. And they call them “Omeza”.
Now, ”Maruhiro” has a “Omeza fair”!!! so you can imagine how wonderful the ”Omeza fair” is!
I got some cream buns which I really wanted since very long time ago.  When I found it I was very happy : )

It’s not big size but heavy more than I thought. It means a lot of cream inside ; )
I heard the cream bun is the most populer in this fair.

It should be keeping in a refrigerator. When I had the first bite, the cream is cool and sweet then I loved it ♪
Good bun for this season.

covered like a humberger
full of chocolate cream

サイズはそんなに大きくないのに、重みがあり持った感覚でクリームがたっぷりと詰まっているのが分かりました。 冷蔵保存の為、食べた瞬間に中の冷たくて美味しいクリームが口の中でとろけ、柔らかいパンの生地と融合していて、とても美味しかったです。 夏にはぴったりのクリームパンです♪
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