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I went to a book store which is in “TOKIA” it’s very close to Tokyo station.
It has 4 floors and they have a lots variety of book. You can serch a book you want by conputer but even if they have it, it hard to find a book for me.

There is a cafe in a book store on the 4th floor. It called “M&C cafe”
Ryoko recomended it to me before I go so I tried! They have old style “Hayashi Rice” it’s like a curry.
I had a table with nice view. It’s was little late so the night view was so nice : ) I could see Tokyo station and many trains pass by.

After that I went to “DEAN&DELUCA” in Tokyo station to get some bread.
I love their bread because very tasty this picture is one of them.
A lots of walnuts and white chocolate in it !! and not so hard, I loved it.
If you are looking for something to eat, bento box also good but dean & deluca is nice too.
その後、東京駅にあるディーン&デルーカに行きパンを買いました。そこのパンはとっても美味しいので大好きです。 写真にあるパンはその中の一つで、中に大きな胡桃と細かいホワイトチョコレートが入っています。見た目ほど硬過ぎずとって気に入りました。

But I’ll try bento box next at Tokyo station!


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