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We will have Mother’s day soon in May, so the other day I went to Odakyu-hands in Ikebukuro to get a thank you card for my mother. There are much too many cards so It was hard to decide one. It took very long time but I like choosing cards because when I choosing a card, think about someone and what to write, then look for an envelope. It takes time but really enjoyable.

When I go to a cards shop I always buy some differents cards or letters, probably I will use them someday. Recently, I got these!! I really love them♪

One of letter set has threads so I can decorate with it like a sewing. It’s lovely!!
There are many kinds of cards but sometimes I can’t find something I really want.


もうすぐ母の日ですね。私は母に渡すカードを探しに池袋の小田急ハンズに行きました。 とても沢山種類があり決めるのが大変です。 時間がかかりますがカードを選ぶのが大好きです。 何か探している時は渡す人を思い浮かべながら、何を書くか考え、最後には封筒を選びます。時間はかかりますが、とても楽しめます。




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  1. Machiko says:

    I love picking and making the handmade card too….sometimes, cards at Loft or common department stores are the same…if you need something like individual card makers's product…I recommend "Billboard" at Kishijoji…'s the place I got your birthday card..however, I added some decors to make it more special…Happy Birthday Again..xoxo

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