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Blythe: Love&More


I have heard of this super popular ball-joint doll “Blythe” for quite several years and thought that it is just the toy of those rich people. One simple doll would cost 13,000 Yen ++ I vowed to myself that I would never got something like that to waste my money….However, today, I finally had one, but this Blythe’s doll is not for me but for my mother whom has been diagnosed with “Osteoporosis”. Since she can not do those chore she used to and can not go out as oftens as she wants. One day, I called her and she said she wants to have this doll, then I think a cute playful doll can help her get busy and also become her little friend, so, I started to do research about this doll seriously and slowly fall in love with the character and specialty for example, I can do make up, change hair color, eyes color and clothes etc. Each Blythe doll collection’s produced in a limited amount by Takara and CWC. Next month, I will also get Blythe doll for myself in order to be able to spend time with my mother and play with her. I am very excited to bring this doll back to Thailand as a special Mother’s Day present for her.

If you like to know more about Blythe, you can visit Junie Moon website or visit the store in Daikanyama or Shinjuku Marui One.


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