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I like this lid!

I got a new “honey”, it’s a food.
I like to add some honey in a cereal so when I bought new honey I really happy : )
It’s very exciting to trying something new food. This is made of oranges’ flowers, from Sicily in Italy.
So it must be delicious ; ) I can’t wait to taste it!


絶対に美味しいはずです ;)どんな味か楽しみです!


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Visited a cute baby!!


I visited to friend house to see her baby! She is one of my best friend and she got marrie last year and gave a birth to a girl on the 26th of December! I visited her house and hold a baby in my arms! Baby’s name is Kurumi-chan and she is less than 2 month. Very very small baby. I was scared a little to hold a small baby but she likes sleeping and slept in my arms. We talked about her very much and we will go to picnick around April with Kurumi chan! I’m looking forward to meeting with my friend and baby!!

I had really great time.



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“Hina-matsuri” is on the 3rd of March. It’s the girl’s(dolls’) festival as Japanese traditional event.
Many people decolate Hina dolls in their houses.
My mother decolated ours so I took a picture.

3月3日の雛祭りは日本の伝統的な女の子(や人形)の為の行事です。 沢山の家庭で雛人形が飾られます。

When I was a child I didn’t like it bacause it’s not cute and I was a bit scared when I was alone with it at home, they were looking at me. But now, when I see it every year in this season, I really appreciate my life and everything what my parents have done for me.

正直、子供の頃は人形が怖く可愛くないので好きではありませんでした。一人で留守番している時は見られているようで嫌でした。 ですが、今は毎年この季節に雛人形を見る度に両親への感謝を改めて感じます。


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shopping at Ginza


I like shopping very much! I went to Ginza yesterday for shopping at the forever 21. It is one of  my favorite shop :) I got 5,000 yen gift card from happy bag of them in this new year! I spent time a lot of shopping and then we went to dinner and then walked around Ginza.  I found very cute cafe! It was nice cake set and nice atomosphere in the cafe. Cafe name is ” cafe Ohana”. I was happy to find nice cafe in Ginza! I want to go there again after shopping ;)

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a penguin in Penguin island
a baby almost falling down
He’s sleeping
I met many lovely animals. Koalas and kangaroos are just a part of it. When I went to Penguin island I saw many penguins : ) They are behind a rock or under the wooden stairs, seem hiding, it’s so cute!  I adore sleeping koalas and kangaroos(especially a baby in a mother’s poket!!!).
I went sand surfing but I didn’t take any pictures there because I didn’t waste my camera because the sand and it was windy. I trid it sitting and standing. It’s lots of fun and lots of sand in my mouth…
砂のサーフィンをやりました。ですが沢山の砂と風の為に写真を撮るのは諦めました。 座ったままと、立ちながらでも挑戦しました、とっても楽しかったですが沢山の砂が口の中に・・・。
White sand!!

その他、ピナクルズ国立公園なども行きました。パース周辺は沢山の見所がありますが車無しでは行けない場所が多くツアーに参加しました。 その都度、沢山の方々に出会いとっても貴重な時間を過ごす事ができました。
I also went to other many places such as Pinnacles. Near Perth there are many nice place to see but sometimes need a car. So I took some tours but I met many people in each tours and had great time!!
I definitely go back to Australia and find and see more nature.

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