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Art is explosion!


I like drawing pictures and also visiting galleries in my free time. There are various art galleries in Tokyo and “Taro Okamoto memorial museum” is one of my favorit small galleries of Tokyo.

It’s 100th anniversary of his birth this year. He is also one of famous persons whom I want to meet if they were alive.His works are very unusual and full  impact as he said “art is explosion!”.

The gallery is located in the middle of Aoyama where is one of  posh residential area in Tokyo and he himself used to live in the building which is used as a gellary now. When we enter the gellary and walk inside as we are seeing his works, we can feel his living and tense atmosphere of creation.

There is a small coffee shop just in front of the entrance of gellary. It’s also favorit to have a cup of tea as I see his wonderful garden : )






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I got new item just for fun : )   There were many choices but I chosen a horse because horses are one of my favorite animals!!  I can make many horses with a piece of paper it’s really fun! I’m like a child but I loved it.


紙をこの道具でパンチするだけで沢山綺麗な馬を作る事ができるんです!!とーっても楽しいです・・・ : )


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My Travel Nara,Kyoto,Osaka


Thank you very much nice hospitality for me. I really was enjoynable for all.

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 I went to drive with parents! We went to Nakaminato and Mito in Ibaraki. There is big fish market in Nakaminato, so we had lunch  in there.  We ordered Sushi, Sashimi and  Monkfish Nabe! It was fresh and so tasty!!! We had a big big lunch at there.  We walked fish market and bought some fishes. Also we walked seaside with nice view!! It was big big waves and licking the rocks! After that we went to Kairakuen park in Mito. There is starting Ume (plum) blossom festival.  This park is quiet big and  many plum trees in there! It was good for walking after big lunch!



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meeting a nice man!


I found a nice beef tongue restaurant in Ginza in a magazine the other day and tried to visit there with my friend. However, we couldn’t find the restaurant easily.We walked for a while and met a man who was a manager of  other restaurant. He was preparing for the opening  just in front of the restaurant. We showed him the address of  the beef tongue restaurant and he said that it’s just near here,,,so we walked and tried to find it again. Few minutes later, the manager ran after us and said “I checked Google and also asked other staffs in my restaurant and found that the beef tongue restaurant was closed and change to Kushiage restaurant few weeks ago.” How kind he was,,!Of course,we came in his restaurant and had dinner!It was New York style grill restaurant and we had big steak, avocado nacho, fresh salad.etc. with some glasses of beer. It was really fine and all staff was sooo friendly like him : )

It was unfortunate that we missed nice beef tongue, but we unexpectedly had wonderful dinner with nice people!



思いがけずとても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました : )

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