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a book shop


I found a nice book shop in Shibuya : )

I just saw inside a little bit but I wanted stay longer if I had time.




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Yamadera and Matsushima


I visited Yamadera in Yamagata and Matsushima in Miyagi. I had wanted to visit these two sites for a long time and both were absolutely beautiful.

When I climbed Yamadera,it was so quiet and peaceful as Matsuo Basho said so in the past. I also had a wonderful stay at a ryokan in Tendo onsen,thanks to friendly staff members there : )

Matsushima was also peaceful and more populous town.The specular view of sea from Godaido was overwhelming beautiful.

When I waiting for a train at Matsushima station,I met a woman who were living in makeshift housing after the earthquake.She told me many stories and I really hoped that Tohoku will be vigorous more and more. Also hope many people will visit there and experience such a beautiful sites of Japan : )



ずっと訪れてみたかった山寺と松島に行ってきました。夏の終わりの平日とあって山寺は特に人が疎らでゆったり自分のペースで芭蕉気分を満喫することができました。市内のうだる暑さが嘘のように山の中は涼しく、とても静かで蝉の音が印象的でした。天童温泉の旅館ではスタッフの方々の飾りのない温かいもてなしに感激しました。東北の方ののんびりおおらかな気性が今回の旅行で一番印象に残った部分かもしれません。松島の海は静かで晴れ渡り、感動せざる負えない美しさがありました。  是非また、もう一度訪れたい場所になりました。


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Candy shop


I  went to candy shop in Shibuya and a shop staff gave me a tiny cute Halloween c…andy! They have a lot of flavors!! I got fruit’s candies. You can see when they are cutting long candy : ) Yuka


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Ginza at sundown


I really like walking around Ginza,especially at sundown : )

I think it’s the most beautiful moment there. Street are beautifully colored by streetlamp and headlights. People are set free from their job and take to the streets.

When I used to come to Ginza taken by my parents,I was touched to the elegant atmosphere. Still now,it’s the town of adults in Tokyo for me : )


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I went to a restaurant “Green Grill ” for lunch with my friend. It’s close to Shibuya station.

You can have really fresh and tasty vegetables!!  They also have dishes with chicken and more.

友人とランチに渋谷へ出かけました。 ”グリーン グリル”というレストランで渋谷の駅から徒歩で行ける距離です。



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