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Italian dinner


I went to an Italian restaurant “Amici” in Gakugeidai with my sute nephew, Shinta. The restaurant was reccommended by my Italin friend and they serve wonderful real Itaila dishes! Shinta can speak some words lately and he memorised a new word “pasta”,,! We really emjoyed nice pasta and pizza : )



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Lunch !


I had a lunch at “La Table d’hediard” which is in a department store “Isetan” in Shinjyuku.  It’s french style that I really like : )

French restaurants aren’t always reasonable so I can’t eat often but on that day luckily I was with my mother.

I ordered a salad with duck(on the left) it’s really tasty!!!  I think most women would love it!  The other picture is my mother’s .  Yuka

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“Chidorigafuchi”  「千鳥ヶ淵」 

This is another nice place to see cherry trees. There were so many people, sometimes it’s very difficult to take good pictures and also hard to walk! When someone moved I took the position and then get some pictures : )  

もう一つの桜の名所ですね!とても沢山の人が花見に来ていて写真を撮るのも歩くのも大変です。 誰かが移動するとすかさずその場所を取り、写真をget:)という感じでした。

I have never tried a boat there but I want to try someday when it’s lovely day!!  このボートには一度も乗った事がありませんが、いつか天気が良い時に乗ってみたいです!Yuka

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Full bloom!


It’s unfortunately going to be raining in Tokayo today and tomorrow so I went cherry blossom veiwing at Ueno park yersterday.

It was absolutely full bloom and sooo beautiful!


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cherry trees


I went out with my mother to see cherry blossoms today. We visited Yasukuni shrine. 

今日は母とお花見に靖国神社へ出掛けました。午前中は曇っていましたが暖かかったです。とても静かで美しかったです。 私を含め皆、沢山写真を撮っていました。

It was cloudy in the morning but warm. I enjoyed beautiful sight and quiet moment : ) Many people were taking lots of  pictures like me.                                     

Some cherry trees are twisted, it’s very strange.  I wondered how did they grow like that.   They keep on growing.


Just out of the shrine there is a beautiful street with full of cherry trees. People were looking up at beautiful cherry blossoms.


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