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We had Origami class tonight!



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Precious memories


These are just several parts pictures of my vacation in Yakushima.  It’s located south of Japan, one of beautiful island.

I spend 5days and plus 1 extra day because my flight had canceled. I could stay longer than I planned : )  I really loved those dark greened mountains, bleu sky and sea also people, Onsen(hot springs)..etc.  I can’t show and explain enough about this island if you have time and chance I really recommend to stay there at least 5days.

I stayed at “Chinryu-An Guest house” that located south of the island. The view from the shared living room is great!  I liked watching the sky and sea from there, also I enjoyed breakfast and dinner watching the view everyday. After the meal I had a nice moment with a cup of coffee.  If you like Sho-chu, after the dinner time the living room change to a bar so you can have drink!

There are so many things to see and do or you don’t need to go anywhere just be relaxed.  I woke up with the twitter of  Japanese bush warbler and wind. I had a pleasant moment every morning. In the every evening, I went to Onoaida-Onsen that is near the Chinryu-An, local people use the Onsen like everyday so I felt a bit their real life.

I visited Jyanokuchi-notaki(took about 2 hours walk) and Shiratani-Unsuikyo(took about 2hour half walk) it’s my case.  A bit hard but when I get the top I was really happy : ) I saw many  cute deers, bugs(I hate them but I know that I have to get used to being with them)…plants, and huge trees. Everyday I found new things.

I really recommend “Yakushima”.

I will go back ☆ Yuka




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Summer Holiday in Singapore


I went to Singapore for the summer and had an absolutely great time!

How powerful they were! I was overwhelmed by their amazing food, weather, building, people, landscape, everything! I originally love Singapore food and sometimes go to Singapore restaurants in Tokyo, but real one was totally different! More exciting, tastier and cheaper! I also took a Singapore cooking class and learned how to make Laksa and Satay with peanut sauce. It was very interesting and great experience for me.

The evening life in Singapore was full of vigor. So many people went out and enjoyed dinner at street stalls until very late evening. I very enjoyed strolling around a bay area in the evening. It was one of the most unforgettable moments during my trip.

Though I had many initial experiences in Singapore, it was very special that I had “durian” for my first time,,! It was just in season and tasted very rich!

I stayed around Arab street and met some wonderful local people there. It was only for few days I stayed there, but I got really like this area.

I heard Singapore was very small before I went to there, but there were so many things to see, to do and to eat! 6 days was absolutely too short. I already can’t wait to visit them again next time,,!!










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At the lounge of ANDON.

My favorite flower rose, especially pink.  It’s really beautiful and made me smile : )

In this season the city is decorated with many hydrangeas, it’s also beautiful.  It rains a lot but it’s makes hydrangeas gorgeous.




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Highly recommended Japanese restaurant “Kisoji” near Andon Ryokan!


You will enjoy fine Japanese cuisine and shabu-shabu with reasonable price. Please try when you stay with us next time. It’s just 10min walk from Andon! : )




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