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Nice Cafe in Ebisu “Marugo-deli”


This is “Marugo-deli” cafe in Ebisu. Acai smoothie is really good : )

I love this display in this cafe, and their drink cheer me up every time!




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We have just started to display some lovely design lightings in a terrace.

Why don’t you have beer after taking a Jacuzzi as you enjoy the cool evening breeze in Spring? : )


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Yushima tenmangu


I visited Yushima shrine to see Japanese apricot festival. There were so many votive wooden tablets for the entrance exams because Yushima Shrine is also noted as a God of studies! Ume in there is going to be at their best this month : )


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Fruits cake!


I had a strawberry and orange cake at “Afternoon Tea” which is my favorite cafe.

As you can see the picture, it’s very beautiful! I really loved it : )





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Tromso in “Norway”


I visited “Tromso” in Norway for 6days!!

I expected to see the northan lights but I couldn’t but I really enjoyed staying there. The weather was mostly cloud but it wasn’t that bad, and not colder than I expected.

It’s very small town and at night it turns to north Paris : ) it’s very beautiful and calm.

I took a tour and tried dog sledding, they took me to a place where is over the mountains and I met many cute dogs there! They are so friendly : ) I was paired with a lady who came from England. The first I sat on the sled and then later we had switched. It’s really fun but a bit scared at the same time because when I sitting on it, it’s ok but I had to watch carefully. I fell over from it 3times, also we ran in to clump!

When I control the sled I must concentrat on it and grip the sled tightly, otherwise we will fell down so I couldn’t enjoy seeing views. But it was really exciting!! I want to try it again someday.

I had wonderful experiences but unfortunately I only have these photos which I took by my mobile. I lost my camera… I can’t show you more nice places and views in a town, It’s a pitty.

Anyway I had a great time there. Some troubles are inseparable for my trip but I hope that next trip will be a good trip without any troubles : )


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