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Ginza at sundown


I really like walking around Ginza,especially at sundown : )

I think it’s the most beautiful moment there. Street are beautifully colored by streetlamp and headlights. People are set free from their job and take to the streets.

When I used to come to Ginza taken by my parents,I was touched to the elegant atmosphere. Still now,it’s the town of adults in Tokyo for me : )


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I went to a restaurant “Green Grill ” for lunch with my friend. It’s close to Shibuya station.

You can have really fresh and tasty vegetables!!  They also have dishes with chicken and more.

友人とランチに渋谷へ出かけました。 ”グリーン グリル”というレストランで渋谷の駅から徒歩で行ける距離です。



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Cold tea


I had a good cold grapefruit tea at “Afternoon tea”. It has grapefruit jerry in it and grapefruit gelato on the top, very fresh then honey makes it a little bit sweet. I loved it : )



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Bon holiday


It was the Bon holiday till yesterday and I visited my grand mother in Kyoto for two days. As I engage in the service industry,it’s very difficult to visit relatives in this period.However,my dayoff for this month fit the bon holidays by chance! I visited an ancestral grave after a long time interval. It was very hot in the daytime there. After sunset, we had BBQ in a backyard of my grandma’s house and it was a pleasant time. We talked till late evening as we had some coffee there : )


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Rock festival


I went to “Summer Sonic” rock festival on the 1st day. I really want to see “The Strokes” I was also there when they had a show at Summer Sonic last time, it was about 5 years a go. They became more cool. I had a great time.

There are many stages, food stalls and art works around the big site. I had many things to do and see so time passed very fast every year. I could see fireworks too after the last show. 




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