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Tree leaves are started to change their color. I cannot wait to visit parks to see beautiful trees!! When I see persimmons at the market, I feel the arrival of autumn. Japanese pasimmons are very sweet and juicy!! Please have a try some tast of autumn!!



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Starbucks in Ueno Park 上野公園のスターバックス


I very like walking in Ueno Park under the great weather. Starbucks coffee in Ueno Park is bit different from other shops. There are 69 seats in an open air terrace and beautiful interiors which were designed by people from Tokyo University of the Arts. Can’t wait for the wonderful weather from this afternoon! Ryoko

上野公園の中にあるスターバックスはとても開放的でデザインも素晴らしく、本を読みながらゆっくり過ごすのに絶好のスポットです。午後からお天気が回復するようですね。よい一日を! 涼子

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Wonderful sake shop near Andon Ryokan


Suzuki Shuhan is aborutely one of the attractions near Andon. They have many kinds of sake and we have a sake tasting tour with this shop every Thursday. Please join us when you stay in Andon! Ryoko

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Students from Denmark デンマークの学生さん


Thank you for stying with us! Lovely students from Denmark : ) Have a great time in Japan! Ryoko

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Reading on the rooftop 読書の秋


Mr.Mark from Canada is a professor and he was reading The Tales of Genji on the rooftop under the beautiful sky the other day. It’s so cool! Thank you for staying with us, Mr.Mark : ) Ryoko

カナダからいらした大学教授のマークさん。先日、台風の後の気持ちの良い青空の下、屋上テラスで読書を楽しんでらっしゃいました。20年前日本に住んでいた時にご友人から贈られた源氏物語だそうです。本のデザインの美しさにも思わず感動!大好きな本の話を色々できてとても楽しかったです☆またお待ちしています! 涼子

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