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Students from Denmark デンマークの学生さん


Thank you for stying with us! Lovely students from Denmark : ) Have a great time in Japan! Ryoko

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Reading on the rooftop 読書の秋


Mr.Mark from Canada is a professor and he was reading The Tales of Genji on the rooftop under the beautiful sky the other day. It’s so cool! Thank you for staying with us, Mr.Mark : ) Ryoko

カナダからいらした大学教授のマークさん。先日、台風の後の気持ちの良い青空の下、屋上テラスで読書を楽しんでらっしゃいました。20年前日本に住んでいた時にご友人から贈られた源氏物語だそうです。本のデザインの美しさにも思わず感動!大好きな本の話を色々できてとても楽しかったです☆またお待ちしています! 涼子

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Tori no Ichi  酉の市


“Sightseeing information near Andon Ryokan!”

Tori no Ichi Fair (open-air market) is a famous annual event in November and this event has continued to today since the Edo period.Many people come to Otori shrine to buy decorated bamboo rakes which bring happiness and prosperity in business. It’s going to be held on Nov 3rd,15th and 27th this year at Otori shrine which is just 15min walk from Andon Ryokan. Let’s pay happiness and good business! Ryoko

今年の酉の市は11月3日、15日、27日です!行燈旅館から鷲神社までは徒歩15分程です☆美しい装飾の施された職人技の熊手の露店は一見の価値あり!是非お出掛けください☆ 涼子

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Broiled Eel (Unagi)


Have you tried broiled eels (Unagiin Japanese) before?

    This is one of the Japanese dishes that you must try in Japan. Aromatic grilled fravor of sweet soy sause and a soft eel are the best with Japanese white rice. Yumm!!! This is a photo of Unagi that I tried in Narita, only two stops away from Narita International Airport. Narita is very famous for Unagi and you can also see staffs cleaning the eels in front of the restaurant. There is also restaurants that you can try Unagi in Tokyo area too so please try some when the time you visit Japan!!

先日成田で鰻を頂きました。香ばしいたれに鰻とご飯は大変合いますね! 成田は鰻が有名で軒先で鰻の解体が見れるお店もあります。都心にも鰻の美味しいお店は沢山ありますので、日本にお越しの際はぜひ鰻を試してみて下さいね!!!


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 It’s already decolated with Halloween in the city and also in the lounge at Andon!

In Japan we say, Autumn is the best season for foods, good season for sports, leading and traveling(autumn coloers)!
If you are thinking where to go for a holly day in Autumn, why don’t you come to Japan!




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