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Big Christmas Tree in Tokyo!  ”Kitte”の大きなクリスマスツリー


This is the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen! Wish you have a wonderful Christmas! Ryoko

これまでに見たどのツリーよりも大きい、14.5メートルのクリスマスツリー!東京駅すぐ横のKitteにて☆ 涼子

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Train museum 鉄道博物館


I went to the Train museum in Saitama. Even the entrance of the museum looked like a ticket gate of a train station.Also, when we went inside the museum we used a  magnetic train card.Inside the museum, we saw many kinds of trains such as the Imperial train, Old train, Steam locomotive, luxurious train, and the Old Sinkansen. I learned the history of Japanese trains.I also operated many kinds of train simulators.It was fun even though I am not too familiar with trains.I was very excited.



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“Mominoki House” Japan’s first organic restaurant in Harajuku 原宿の自然食レストラン


Mominoki House in Harajuku is Japan’s first organic restaurant. The owner, Mr.Yamada worked and learned about food in US and UK and opened Mominoki House 37 years ago. Their tasty,real organic dishes and great music which is played with a big, antique stereo in the restaurant always make us feel comfortable and happy. This is one of my highly recommended spots in Harajuku! Ryoko

裏原宿の隠れ家的レストラン「モミノキ ハウス」。海外で食文化を勉強したご主人が37年前に日本初の自然食レストランとしてオープンした名店です。 体に優しく美味しい自然食と古い大きなステレオから流れる心地よい音楽に心から癒されます☆ 涼子

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Tokyo midtown 東京ミッドタウン



I went to Tokyo midtown which is located in Roppongi. Everywhere is illuminated in Tokyo during this season.Tokyo midtown ‘s illuminations is a famous illumination event in Tokyo.This year’s theme is extent of space, they used a lot of LED lights and  made beautiful illumination show. It was so beautiful and it twinkle as if jewellery had been scatted all over.


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Farewell with a cake ケーキでお別れです



We will miss you Derek!!! He stayed at Andon for 2 months and it was his last day in Japan. We really had  nice time togather, sharing good restaurant, museum, sight seeing spots, etc. It was my pleasure to see the photos he took in Japan. I wish for his safe trip and we are very looking forward to seeing you again!!


今日は行燈旅館に2か月間お泊りになられていたデリックさんの最後の日でした。行燈のスタッフとデリックさんとでケーキを食べながらなぜかお化けの話で盛り上がりました。デリックさんとはお勧めのレストランや観光地をお互いに教えあったり、なによりも彼が日本で撮った写真を見るのがとても楽しみでした。デリックさん!!またのお越しを行燈スタッフ一同心待ちにしております!!!☆   愛美


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