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Treasure hunting 宝探し


I went  treasure hunting  in Ueno park  with my friend. It’s  called Geocaching  we use GPS and clues to find hidden things. Even though  I’m an adult I enjoyed treasure hunting you can try it all over  the world. We found 5 caches!


大人だけど、上野公園で友達とジオキャッシング(Geocaching)という宝探しゲームをしました。ジオキャッシングは携帯のGPS機能を使って「キャッシュ」と呼ばれる「宝」を見つける世界規模のゲームです。私達は上野公園周辺で5個も宝を見つけました!子供の時に感じたワクワク感を味わえて本当に面白かったです!スマートフォンでログインして無料でどこでも楽しめるので是非挑戦してみてください! YUKI


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Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum in Kobe 神戸の手塚治虫記念館


Osamu Tezuka is absolutely one of the greatest Japanese comic artists. I’m a big fan of his works and I learned many things from his comics. I could finally visite The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Kobe! It was a wonderful time for me : ) Ryoko

神戸にある手塚治虫記念館に行ってきました。大好きな作品の創作秘話やデビュー前の貴重なデッサンなど興味深いものが目白押しでとても楽しいひと時でした☆ 涼子

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Asakusa Japanese sweet 浅草 芋きん



I had a “Imokin” at Asakusa. Which is a Japanese sweet. It was nice!!The inside is sweet potato and the outside is a flour based coating. You can have it hot and fresh!!!!




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Welcoming with Spring Flowers 春のお花でお出迎え


It’s been very cold outside

but we are welcoming our guests with spring flowers!! ☆





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Maid cafe in Akihabara 秋葉原のメイドカフェ


I went to the Maid cafe in Akihabara. It’s special type of cafe where the waitresses wear maid costumes and while serving you they will ask you to do special actions with them like posing or chanting. it’s an experience that’s unique to Japan!


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