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Sky Tree X’mas Illumination スカイツリークリスマスイルミネーション


   I went to the Sky Tree for X’mas shopping and to see illumination. In the Sky tree, there is a  Soramachi shopping mall, where you can find a lot of Japanese souvenirs and delicious foods. At the park out side, you can enjoy walking in the lighting decorations while sipping hot wine from Christmas markets. The Sky Tree was lit up with red color as a candle tree. This is a Special Christmas lighting for the limited time only!!! There is three special lightings for the Chrismas time. I wish to see two more!!


スカイツリーにクリスマスイルミネーションを見に行って来ました!!ソラマチで買い物をして、美味しいものを食べて、その後外の広場でクリスマスのイルミネーションを見ながらスカイツリーを眺めました☆ 外にはクリスマスマーケットが開催されており、ホットワインやソーセージが美味しそうでした!!赤いライトのスカイツリーはキャンドルツリーをイメージしているそうです。全部で3種類のクリスマス限定ライティングがあるそうで...全部見れたらなんか良い事がありそうですね☆


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A year-end party 忘年会で賞品ティッシュ一年分


I got a prize of tissue for one year at Bonenkai which is a year-end party in Japnese. I will not need to go to a supermarket to buy tissue next year! Ryoko

忘年会でティッシュ一年分いただきました!ありがとうございます、東京マツシマ様☆ 涼子

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Melon pan メロンパン


Melon pan is bread shaped like a melon.It doesn’t really taste like melon but we like it in Japan.The other day I went to “Kagetsudo”in Asakusa. It is located in front of Sensouji.This shop is famous for melon pan.I tried it.It was good!The outside of the bread was crispy and inside of the bread was so soft!It’s very different from other melon pan. This melon pan is now one of my favorite foods.



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High speed sushi “Uobei” 外国人にも人気の渋谷の高速回転ずし


I went to a funn sushi shop in Shibuya called Uobei. When we order sushi via touch screen, the sushi is delivered by high speed conveyor belt..! It’s very interesting experience! Please try such high tech sushi when you come to Japan! Ryoko


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Takarakuji – Lottery Ticket!!! 年末ジャンボ宝くじ!!!


When end of the year comes, there is a Jumbo Takarakuji, lottery ticket, fever in Japan. We can win five million yen for the first prize. Many Japanese purchase lottery tickets and wish for the luck. This lottery ticket shop is located at Okachimachi, station next to Ueno, and famous for having innumerable winners. There is also a little shrine next to it so we can pray for wining right away. I bought some tickets for myself too. I hope I can win for the prize !!! even for the last prize (300 yen)!!!




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