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東京下町のお神輿☆ A portable shrine in the old Tokyo!


6月に入り雨の日が続きますが、行燈旅館の周辺では週末とても賑やかに御神輿が練り歩いていました!! 涼子

The rainy season has just started in Tokyo. However, a portable shrine was marching lively in the neighborhood of Andon! : ) Ryoko

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東京お勧めアートスポット”東京都写真美術館” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu


行燈旅館からは日比谷線で一本。是非お出掛けください☆ 涼子

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu is one of my favorite art spots in Tokyo. I very enjoyed the exhibition “Presence or Absence” by Tokihiro Sato the other day. It’s held until July. You can get there by Hibiya line directly from Andon Ryokan. Enjoy! Ryoko

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六本木21-21デザインサイト「コメ展」 “The art of rice” 21-21 design sight in Roppongi,Tokyo


六本木の21-21デザインサイトで開催されている「コメ展」を見てきました!日本人から切っても切り離せないお米をテーマにしたユニークなアート作品の数々。中でも、会場で常時上映されているドキュメンタリーフィルムは日本の美しさや面白さを再発見できる素晴らしい内容です!是非、行ってみてください! 涼子

I visited 21-21 design sight to see the exhibition “Kome – The art of rice” It was absolutely amazing! We can see how rice is important for Japanese people through some wonderful art works, photos and film. I was very impressed with the documentary film. Highly recommend it! Ryoko

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旅館に泊まって昔ながらの下町銭湯めぐり Public bath houses in the old Tokyo!


こちらの日の出湯さんは行燈から徒歩3分、一番近くの銭湯です。漢方の薬湯やジェットバスなどあり、地元に愛される穴場スポットです☆ 涼子


There are many nice public bath houses in the neighborhood of Andon Ryokan. “Hinodeyu” is the nearest one which is equipped with various kinds of bath such as a jet bath,medicated bath and so forth. It must be a great experience when you come to Japan! Ryoko

“Andon Public bath plan”

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美味しいコーヒーを飲みながら下町散策 Fine coffee at Andon Ryokan




There are some nice coffee shops around Andon Ryokan.
A new Andon staff, Hotaru is also very good at making coffee. He sometimes makes tasty coffee for us using his own coffee set. It’s really pleasant time for me after hard work! Ryoko

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