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Motsunabe もつ鍋


I tried Motsu nabe for the first time!! Motsu nabe is a ht pot with animal guts and offal cooked with vegetables ( cabbage leaves and leeks are the popular combination) It may sound little disgust to you but it tasted really good!!




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Capsule toy ガチャポン


My friend gave me a very cute cellphone stand. My friend got this cat cellphone stand from a toy capsule machine in Akihabara. It costs only 200yen. You can find interesting  capsule toys everywhere  in Japan.


友達が秋葉原のガチャポン(ガチャガチャ)でとった猫のかわいい携帯スタンドをくれまた!最近のガチャポンは値段は昔より100円から200円ほど高いけど、ユニークでデザイン製の高いものがたくさんあってどれをやろうか迷ってしまいますね! YUKI


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Sumo restaurant 相撲居酒屋


I went  to an interesting  restaurant  in Ryogoku. There is a sumo wrestling  ring there. You can enjoy some events while having a meal,such as listening to sumo themed songs being performed in the ring and watching comedian’s shows You will feel like you’re in a real sumo arena.



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Interesting place Nakano 中野って面白い!!


I went to a reptile place in Nakano. We could see many unusual ,interesting snakes and lizards there. But taking pictures was prohibited so you have to see it for yourself and after  you also visit Nakano Broadway  where you can see many kinds of geek things ! YUKI




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Game bar ゲームバー


I went to the game bar in Nakano . You can play old video games there. I don’t play video games,but it was really fun. It felt like going back to the 90s and it reminded me of when I used to play them  with my best friend who lives in my hometown. I  sent  her  the  game pictures and  I suddenly wanted to see her very much!



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