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Maid cafe in Akihabara 秋葉原のメイドカフェ


I went to the Maid cafe in Akihabara. It’s special type of cafe where the waitresses wear maid costumes and while serving you they will ask you to do special actions with them like posing or chanting. it’s an experience that’s unique to Japan!


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“Ginza” shopping district in Tokyo 銀座和光の時計台


Ginza is one of the most famous shopping districts in Tokyo. There are many fancy boutiques and also biggest UNIQLO and MUJI are located in this area. It takes about 15min by Hibiya line from Andon and 15min walk from Tsukiji fish market! Ryoko


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Kangaroo カンガルー


I went to a zoo. I saw kangaroos there. I didn’t expected that I could see kangaroos in the Japanese zoo so I was surprised. I used to live in Australia, so I often saw them everywhere. They are a very unique animal. Even humans go close to them they don’t seem to care. Also their pose looks like human who is relaxing in the living room. They made me laugh and they reminded me of my special memories in Australia.






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Denk Bran at Kamiya bar in Asakusa 下町グルメと浅草神谷バーの電気ブラン


Denki Bran is a specialty of Japan’s first bar “Kamiya Bar” in Asakusa. It’s created over 100 years ago! I very like the taste which is mixed with brandy, wine, gin, herbs and so on. “Denki” means electric in Japanese and it was the buzzword then because Denki was still very new thing in Japan at that time. Please try Denki Bran and experience Old Tokyo taste! Ryoko

東京下町グルメにはやはり電気ブランがよく合います。体もぽかぽかしてますます幸せです : ) 涼子

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“Nanakusagayu” 七草粥


 On January 7th, we have a custom to eat “Nanakusagayu”, seven kinds of vegetables and herbs in rice porridge. This came from the belief that by having spring vegetables with vitality and freshness, we can remove evil from the body and protect us from diseases. We also have it to rest our stomach from all luxury dishes we’ve been had for New Year.












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