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A Wonderful Japanese Tea Ceremony At Ryokan – 旅館でお茶会!


昨日はアメリカから学生さんをお迎えしてお茶会を開催しました!  もちろん全ての方にとって初めての体験だったので、とても興味深そうにお茶会に参加されていました。みなさん講師である丸山宗勇先生の一挙手一投足に気を配り真剣な眼差しが光っていました。私にとっても、日頃なかなか経験することのできない貴重な体験をさせていただき大きな学びの場となりました。行燈旅館にご宿泊の際にはぜひお問い合わせくださいませ。

Last night, we had the traditional Japanese tea ceremony with our young guests. Fortunately, it became my very first time learning the way of making a cup of  Match, serving it and tasting the authenticity. I got very nervous at that time but it turned to such an valuable and unforgettable experience in my life. The master of tea, Soyu Maruyama was extraordinary, behaving in the simple but sophisticated way with full of grace and dignity. His movement of making a tea was just like the flow of water in a river. Beauty! Thank you all so much for participating in the ceremony! If you are interested in the tea ceremony, feel free to ask us! Thanks.

 Andon Masa


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下町銭湯巡り Shitamachi Bath Houses in Tokyo!





Yudonburi Sakae-Yu

Highlights of Yudonburi Sakae-Yu are 7 baths with soft water and saunas. They installed a solar hot water system as early as in 1979. This is an ecology minded bathhouse who heats soft water naturally.



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Sumida River Firework festival in Tokyo for the 25th of July!!


“Sumida River Firework festival”
July 25th,Sat 2015
in Asakusa

It’s the biggest and traditinal firework display in Asakusa!
If you staying in Andon Ryokan, you will be able to see this Fireeork festival on a rooftop of Andon Ryokan!!

Let’s enjoy with us!!

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The Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony 大好評!お茶会


On Monday, we had a Japanese tea ceremony with our great guests!!!

That was moving me so much becasue of their eyes for trying to absorbe the different culture as much as they can. They focused earnestly on the simple but his accomplished way of preparing the green tea. Matcha is basically fine-graind powder of green tea. It looks totally green and strongly bitter but the real is completely the opposite. That tastes amazingly fresh and smooth with both slightly sweetness and bitterness.


All our guests at Andon can bring back something special to home!! When you stay at Andon, please join us. We can’t wait for the next Japanese tea ceremony!

先日、行燈旅館にて大好評恒例のお茶会が開催されました! みなさん先生の熟達し洗練された手ほどきに真剣に目を向けていました。 抹茶の味を苦く酸味が強いものと想像される方も多いかと思いますが、 実際はとても爽やかな味わいでほんのり甘苦いんです。 行燈旅館にご宿泊いただいいた際には是非参加してください!

Have a great day!



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東京の三大祭、浅草神社の三社祭!! Sanjya Maturi in Asakusa,Tokyo!



Sanja Matsuri is one of the three major festivals in Tokyo!!
It is held in the 15th to 17th of May at Asakusa Shrine this year.
It is so amazing!!
If you are in Japan now, you should go Asakusa to see that!!!!


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