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Kabuki Theater in Tokyo 歌舞伎座



Kabuki is one of the traditional performance art in Japan.

I visited Kabukiza Theatre in Ginza which was renovated and just reopened this year.

I got a single-act ticket on the day at the entrance. It’s only 1500yen and I could very enjoy the play about for 1 hour and a half! Please try when you come to Japan!  Ryoko

改装後、初めて銀座の歌舞伎座を訪れました☆屋上に日本庭園があったり、素敵なカフェやお土産屋さんがあったりと、とてもパワーアップしていてびっくり。外国人観光客にも人気の一幕見席を体験しました。1500円で予想以上にゆっくり観劇できよかったです☆ 涼子

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Art gallery????



I went to Yanaka in Tokyo.

I found a small art gallery,It was called”SCAI THE BATHHOUSE”.

The building used to be a Japanese public bath.We call it “Sentou”.

I like Sentou very much so when I found it, I was excited.It still remained aspect of Sentou.

They exhibited art work from artists overseas and Japan.

You should visit there.




「SCAI THE BATHHOUSE」という名前のアートギャラリーで国内外のアーティストの作品を展示しています。



行燈旅館からも行きやすい谷根千の魅力をこれからもたくさん発見したいと思います! YUKI

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Tsukiji Fish Market


I visited Tsukiji fish market to see the tuna auction. It was absolutely exciting experience for me to see the huge tuna and super cool people working there! Of course, I had sushi for breakfast in the market and it was sooo good! : ) Ryoko

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Tree leaves are started to change their color. I cannot wait to visit parks to see beautiful trees!! When I see persimmons at the market, I feel the arrival of autumn. Japanese pasimmons are very sweet and juicy!! Please have a try some tast of autumn!!



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Starbucks in Ueno Park 上野公園のスターバックス


I very like walking in Ueno Park under the great weather. Starbucks coffee in Ueno Park is bit different from other shops. There are 69 seats in an open air terrace and beautiful interiors which were designed by people from Tokyo University of the Arts. Can’t wait for the wonderful weather from this afternoon! Ryoko

上野公園の中にあるスターバックスはとても開放的でデザインも素晴らしく、本を読みながらゆっくり過ごすのに絶好のスポットです。午後からお天気が回復するようですね。よい一日を! 涼子

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