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Picnic lunch in a park


It was the last day of Golden Week and I took a dayoff today : )
I went to the Showa Kinen Park where is one of the most beautiful national park in Tokyo and the vast expanse,about 160 hectare.It’s composed of various areas such as open fild,forest,waterfowl lake,sports area,Japanese garden,pool,barbecue and so on,and what’s more,the flower festival was held there so we could see many beautiful flowers throughout the park : )
We had a small bento-lunch in the open fild as we were seeing many children playing with their family.Yes,it was Children’s day today.They looked so happy,and their smiles also made us happy : )
I brought a really small and simple bento(lunch box),however,we really enjoyed it in the sunshine.
I think it’s the best way to spend a nice lunch time in spring!

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Cross Culture Experience


First of all, I have to introduce myself, I am Machiko, half-Thai/Japanese student from Thailand. Currently, I have been studying Japanese and also working part-time at Andon. After I have been here for over a year, I would like to share my intercross-cultural experience with you through the place that I have been to.
Today`s diary, I would like to introduce SCAI The Bathhouse, which is located in Yanaka district, SCAI is contemporary art gallery that is famous for introducing Japanese`s Avant-Garde Artists as well as welcome the world`s exceptional artists to exhibit their works in Japan.
Few weeks ago, I finally went to SCAI to see the exhibition of Thai^Film-Maker, Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, “NATIVE LAND” ..This exhibition has brought in me the attention of Thai history back in the period of Communists Era in Thailand.
I think even in Japan, young generation do not pay enough attention to the current politic or economy situation which is unfortunate, as well as Thailand. I think it was very worth to visit SCAI on that day.
If you would like to go to SCAI, please take JR Yamanote to Nippori Station, South Exit and walk through Yanaka Cementary for 6 minutes, the gallery will be on right side.
For more information on current exhibition, please go to


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Flower arrangement


Flower always has an impact in everyone`s life especially our Andon`s guests. Today`s morning, I met one little guest `Isabella` chan, Her pure childish smile remines me of the virgin Lily and her charm is like the Goldren Sun Daisy….
One more time that I had a chance to arrange flower for Andon, while our boss is always, I carefully took time to select the flower, I thought of that little girl. I wish the beautiful flowers will make your day shine and bright like the Sun, Also beautiful and memorable like the beauty of Lily.



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Lovely Isabella!


A lovely little girl from Canada is staying in Andon now.Her name is Isabella,we call Bella : )
She went to the Ghibli museum yesterday so we were playing with Ghibli characters in this morning : )


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Walk in the Imperial Palace


It was a lovely day so I went for a walk in to the Imperial Palace. There are many tourists and they were taking many pictures, I was one of them but in about a week,
I think there would be more wonderful!!

I sat on a bench near these azaleas and had a lunch, it’s a very nice view. I brought a bagel with goat cheese which is my favorite, then many sparrows came up to me to get some pieces but I ignored.

There are many kind of plants, these days we can see green bambous. Now, some of them are shooting up and it’s too late to eat but if those are just in season either way we can’t eat.

If I have a day off and have nothing to do I want to come back again to for a walk, in the morning. There is also a brush which is very beautiful and if it’s too much sun shine, trees will make some shadows so I feel comfortable.

But I’m worried about one thing. It’s bugs, especially butterflies.
It’s my enemy!! Yuka

とても天気が良かったので皇居に散歩に行って来ました。沢山の観光客の方々が沢山写真を撮っていましたが、私も沢山撮りました。1週間後にはもっと綺麗な景色が楽しめると思います。 つつじの花の近くのベンチに座り私の大好きな山羊のチーズとベーグルを持って行ったのでそこで食べました。沢山雀が寄って来ましたが無視しました。沢山の種類の植物がありますが、今は青々とした竹が見れます。竹の子が芽を出していましたが、食べるには遅すぎです。もし食べ頃でも食べることはできませんが・・・。


ただ、昆虫が。特に蝶は私の強敵です!!怖い。 Yuka

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