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Recently I watched to the 2 movies.

First, I watched the “Sherlock Holmes” who played the Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.
This movie was made to throb in suspense from beginning to end.
I think that there is a sequel ;P
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were not so active when I saw drama in TV so it was interesting.

One more movie is “Alice in Wonderland”
I like combination of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton so I really look forward to coming out “Alice in wonderland”.
In Burton’s version, the story is set 13 years after the original Lewis Carroll tale.
At last I went to the theater yesterday for wated it
Of course I watched it 3D version :) It was very nice story and picture was beautiful.
After that I bough brochure because I was impressed it.

Actually I do not know the original story about “Alice in wonderland” very well.
I want to read or watch original story and then go to theater once again!

These movies have original but I like and recommend both of them very much!!

最近、映画を2作品見ました。一つは「シャーロックホームズ」でもう一つは「アリス イン ワンダーランド」です。


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Walking in a favorit town with Soseki


There are various attractive towns in Tokyo.
Ochanomizu and Jinbocho is one of my favorit areas in Tokyo.
Many Japanese authors used to live around there in the Meiji,Taisho period so there are lots of small old book shops and also many restaurants that the authors used to often visit.When I walk around this area,I always feel as if I could come across some old Japanese authors such as Soseki Natsume,Shotaro Ikenami etc. at the corner of the street,,!
I went to “Kanda Yabusoba” which was very old soba-noodle restaurant and many authors came there in the past.The inside of the restaurant vibrant with life and soba was very tasty : )I really enjoyed it as I imagined that Soseki was having soba near our table,,!?
After soba dinner,we went to a Belgian beer bar “Brussels” in Ochanomizu.When I used to work in Ochanomizu,I really liked and often visited there.
If Soseki were living,he must like the bar : )



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We will have Mother’s day soon in May, so the other day I went to Odakyu-hands in Ikebukuro to get a thank you card for my mother. There are much too many cards so It was hard to decide one. It took very long time but I like choosing cards because when I choosing a card, think about someone and what to write, then look for an envelope. It takes time but really enjoyable.

When I go to a cards shop I always buy some differents cards or letters, probably I will use them someday. Recently, I got these!! I really love them♪

One of letter set has threads so I can decorate with it like a sewing. It’s lovely!!
There are many kinds of cards but sometimes I can’t find something I really want.


もうすぐ母の日ですね。私は母に渡すカードを探しに池袋の小田急ハンズに行きました。 とても沢山種類があり決めるのが大変です。 時間がかかりますがカードを選ぶのが大好きです。 何か探している時は渡す人を思い浮かべながら、何を書くか考え、最後には封筒を選びます。時間はかかりますが、とても楽しめます。




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Powerful Traveler


I would like to introduce very nice guests from Australia.

This group leader and guide is Ms. Lynee!
She can speak Japanese very well and her Japanese is very polite.
They visited in the Andon in this week and were traveling by the relative and the friend about one month.

Her father (Mr. Dovg) 79years old, her mother (Ms.Val) 71 years old, her aunt (Ms.Lea)71years old, her uncle (Mr.Dovg)70years old and her friend(Ms. Kerry)71 years old! It is total age 349 years old (*^_^*)
I hear that the secret of long life is to drink the tea of two liters every day ;p

It was a their travel plan yesterday as below:
They went to Tsukiji (fish market) from 6 o’clock after that Ueno park, Harajyuku, Yoyogi park and Shinjyuku and came back to the Andon around 8 o’clock.
After that they went out for dinner again and ate Okonomiyaki.

It was very hard schedule even for me but they were fine.
I was surprised by their power!!
This morning they waked up early and checked out in here because they went to Ghibli museum and Asakusa before their flight(+o+)!!
How much they are powerful!?
I really like to them! I hope that they go back home safety and had a great memories in Japan.

Thank you very much for stayed in the Andon.



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Marui depertments store on Monday


I went to the Flower arrangement school in Ginza yesterday. On the way to get there, I stopped by Marui departments store at Ueno,and then so I saw an advertisement in the exist. I got a lot of interests in it,because the advertisement shows many piece of cakes that looks so cute and tasty. Then, I went the floor to find them. Surprisingly, they were soap. I have cake butter caps that looks real cakes on the Andon’s table. The guests often don’t recognise it is fake cake. I take the cover off sometimes and the guest was surprised it every times. I like showing it very much. I can see our guest’s smile which is a nice surprising for them,I guess. I bought two soaps for my friend present at the store. I guess I will get a nice smile from my friend. It makes me happy,too.


The left side picture is Magnolia in Andon’s porch. I love this flowers so much. Especially,I love to see the bud which looks like waiting sprigs has come.It makes my feeling move to the spring. Andon’s magnolia is growing a little by little. I hadn’t seen the flowers blossam for 2 years when I put it at there, however after 3 years, It started blossaming. I see a lot of flowers from the tree every year.



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