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Surprise Messsage from Swedish guests!


We would like to introduce a nice couple “Ms Anna and Mr. Anders” from Sweden.
They traveled around Japan for few weeks and stayed in Andon twice during their stay : )

They finally left Japan very early morning today when our reception was not opened yet so they left their keys in the room. I and Kayo were working this morning and Kayo went up to a room which Anna and Anders stayed in to picked up the keys,and found it,,,!
She found such a lovely photo with keys on the table!

Thank you so much for your lovely message for us,Anna and Anders.
It made us really happy : )
We hope you had a great time in Japan and hope to see you again!

Ryoko and Kayo

お二人の幸せそうな笑顔と、「Thank you」のメッセージ。

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My Top Japanese Cusine


 Today, I was so tired from tough mock-up Japanese entrance examination for foreign student. Even though, I will not attend this examination, it was a good practice for Japanese Language Placement Test (JLPT) which is more common among those whom needs to have Japanese skill certificate to apply for a job. Anyway, my topic today is not the JLPT or any exams but my favorite restaurants ranking!!!
 Japanese food has always been my favorites cuisines since my father is Japanese, he oftens teaches me to cook home Japanese food. Ever since, I have been living in Saitama, I oftens go wandering around several towns to search for delicious, good quality restaurant with reasonable price. So, I would like to introduce my top 5 favorite places.

 1. Tonkatsu Maisen, Royal-Host Street, Omotesando….The best blackpork Tonkatsu in town

 2. Kyuushuu Jankara Ramen, Harajuku….Kyuushuu style’s tonkotsu soup ramen with melty marinated chuck pork and half boiled egg

 3. Tsunahachi Tempura, Shinjuku…Freshly made hot tempura..Enjoy it while watching the chef cooking in front of you is the best.

 4. Otakufu Okonomiyaki, Shimokitazawa….The original Otafuku’s Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki, the most favorite okonomiyaki restaurant I have been to so far.

5. Tsuru Tontan, Roppongi,Simple Udon in highclass style….My recommendation is Ebi cream udon, you can also choose the size of udon. During lunch extra volume order is free of charge.
There are more places I would like to introduce to you however, some is not Japanese restaurant. I think the most enjoyable thing you can do here is to discover hiden spot with great food and service that will last in your memory forever.


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My niece


I went to kanagawa prefecture to see my niece, she was just born yesterday!! She were sleeping peacefully all the time.  It was 2 weeks early but she and her mother are ok.  They are still in a hospital so I had to say good bye. I don’t know when I can see them next…

 I’m very happy to have new family. It’s a special moment just like a nephew’s birth, he’s 3years old now.  In the afternoon we went to a beach which is near their place. It’s very nice view and took some pictures. I enjoying to feel his growth every time I see him. 

I want to be with them more but I didn’t have time. I can’t wait to see them next.




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friendly guest


I would like to introduce nice guest from San Francisco! Their name are Pilar parent and child.

They are very friendly and interested in Japan and Japanese culture very much!!
I had a really great time with them very much!

They gave me chocolate and it is yammy!!!

I heard that “Chirardelli chocolate” is made from San Francisco and there is factory too!!

I want to visit to there one day :)

Thank you very much for stay in the Andon and I also had a good memories with you!!!

I hope to see you again!



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My Top 5 lists of Jiyugaoka ^.^


Welcome back to Jiyugaoka again, on Sunday I told you about my little trip to the city of freedom “Jiyugaoka”. Today, I want to share my top 5 favorites places and things to do around the city. Let’s get start!!!!

No. 5 Sweet Forests: Enjoy picking your favorite delightful desserts from 8 famous pastissiers

No. 4 Looking for unique spots: It’s fun to walk around and discover unique hiden spot to take a snap shot with friends or your special person.

No. 3 Wandering along “The Green Street”: Just buy some kabab from Doner’s Kabab, originally made by Turkish guy and enjoy having on the porce in late afternoon or stores hopping is also fun thing to do.

No. 2 Stores Hopping: there are so many “Zakka” stores and unique shops around this lovely town, you never know what you will discover. Like 3 stores I visited Art Meter offers various kinds of original arts painted by local artists. Cibone is also famous “Zakka” selling things from cloths to furniture. Velvet Rose is unique clothing and accessories store where imported and handmade products can be found.

No.1 Resting at quiet and peaceful tea house: My favorite place of all time at Jiyugaoka is “Kosoan” tea house, only 10 minutes walking from the station, there is a traditional house combined gallery and cafe together. I love their Matcha Latte and little piece of Japanese dessert. However, if you have enough of greentea, I also recommend English teahouse “St.Chistopher’s” I found by chance. This white tea cafe also offer scone for low-tea and high-tea in the English country ambience.
That’s all my favorite things to do in Jiyuugaoka. I hope that if you have a chance to visit Tokyo, you would not miss this little lovely town.


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