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Nikko and Kinugawa


I visit to Kinugawa and Nikko with friends and we went for a drive. It takes about 2 hours by car from my home town to there and good driving corse.
We went to “Funabatei” where is famouse point to eat and chatch river fishes.
We can eat fishes at the old and nice house. There are a lot of antique stuff and great atmosphere!
We can catch the fish at the river. Everything fresh and great nature and view!! We had a really great lunch time at ther!
This is information of this place:
After lunch we went to “Nikko Edo Wonderland” This amusement park is the culture and the life in Edo period were compiled.
You can meet Samurai, Ninjya and Edo period people.
There are ninja house and it was trick house ;) Also we can see live theater and it was very exsiting and amazing!
I felt like time traveling to Edo period!
You can change clothes and put costume at there! It looks so cool!
Please check this amusement park web page too!
I’m sure that you have a great time at there!! It is changing leaves color at the mountain and a lot of people visit to Nikko. Nikko Edo Wonderland is one of my recommend to place :)

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Wonderful dinner with Machiko : )


Machiko has worked for Andon around for one year.
She is going back to Thailand next week so we had dinner with her at a fine Italian restaurant in Asakusa.
As we know from her blog, she has lots of knowledge about variety things such as shops, sweets, food and wine.
She really likes wine so we enjoyed nice Italian dishes with tasty wine by her choice : )
She worked with us only for weekends because she went to a language school on weekdays, however, we always shared in the joy through the job. She seemed to really enjoy helping to our guests using her knowledge about Tokyo.We also really enjoyed working with her every weekend : )
We were chatting and laughing much as we having nice dinner at the restaurant.
After that, we moved to another cafe&bar named Cuzn which the owner of Andon recommended and took us there.I really liked the atmosphere of the shop and we had a nice time as well.
We will miss you, Machiko!

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My vacation in France. 1


La Seine

I’m back from France last week!
It was my 3rd time in Paris so I didn’t need to see a lot of places, I just enjoy for a walk, eating, shopping and met some Andon guests : )


As you can see, it was really beautiful in Paris.
This is one of my favorite picture. From Seine river. I can be calm. Such a wonderful view.

And Sacré-Coeur is my favorite place so I wanted visit again since the last time.
There were so many people but not so busy. I love this contrast, white with blue plus geen…
こちらはサクレクール寺院。私の好きな場所で前回訪れた時に必ずまた戻って来ようと思っていました。沢山の人で込み合っている様に見えますが、不思議と心が落ち着きます。 白と青のコントラストと緑色がとても綺麗で感動しました。


near Sacré-Coeur
It was a night, probably around 10PM. There were still many people at some restaurants and on the street.
But it’s not like a Shibuya, Roppongi nor other places in Japan at all. Some painters were drawing on the streets.I really loved this place too.
It was 4days trip in Paris and after that I left to Albi….continued.

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Niku No Mansei:Akihabara


Since I’ve been living in Japan, sometime, I have a chance to meet up with my uncle who lives in Tokyo. He takes care of me and has taken me to many nice restaurant to get to experience Japanese’s delicious cuisine. As the last meeting, he took me to Niku No Mansei building at Akihabara, we went to 10th Fl. where Chiyoda Teppanyaki restaurant is located. I like Teppan Food and never had a real teppan steak before, so, he treated me for real nice Japanese Wagyu Teppan Steak course. We enjoyed talking and eating juicy and tender Wagyu Steak while looking at night view of Akihabara…..Ichinenhan kakete,osewaninatte arigatou gozaimasu….^.^ Machiko                                                                                               Me and My Uncle

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Tokyo Disneyland


Nowadays some guest go to Tokyo Disneyland. I really like at there and I wented to go Halloween event in Tokyo Disneyland. This event start from 9th of September till 31st of October!
It was amazing and a lot of Halloween decolation everywhere!!! Also many people dressed up as disney charcter, princess and so on. 
It is exactry dream and migic world !! I really had a great time at there :)
Halloween parade was very cute. We enjoeyed dancing and music with Mickey and evey carcters!
One of my favorite event is “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights”. It was impressive parade!!
After that there was fireworks and it was also nice!!
I highly recommend to visit to Disneyland in Halloween time.
I always be back child when I go this wonderful land!!
This is information of  Disneyland :



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