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New decorations


It’s getting chill little by little in Tokyo. Today it’s rainy so I feel very cold today.
And Andon changeing little by little. These dicorations make me smile every moment.
☆We got new christmas decorations☆

the owner dicorated

sitting Snow Santa C

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Sensoji in Asakusa


 I went to Asakusa for visited to Sensoji temple with friend. It was renovated and covered about 2 years since February 2009. Finaly I could see new Sensoji temple and it was so beautiful! There are a lot of people visited and praying. It takes about half hour by walking to Asakusa from Andon. We went to cafe after visited to temple. We walked around Asakusa area and we found nice “Okonomi-yaki and monjya-yaki” restaurant! It was tasty and really nice monjya-yaki!! I like to walking and find some shop or restaurant by myself. It is very famouse prace in Asakusa and you can get a lot of information from guide book or internet. I like to check by them in advance and visiting the place. However I can not read map very well and always easy to get lost… so I prefer to find restaurant with exploration by myself! Sometime I could find good place in this time ;)

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Nowhere boy


I’m a big fan of John Lennon.
I like his songs, writtings, paitings, fashion, face, voice,,,everything!
I went to see the film “Nowhere boy” which was story about his youth. First of all, the pictures and sounds were wonderful. It was filmed in the real locations where John grew up. Also the 50′s fashion was very interesting. It’s actually very old, however, I felt it’s quite new and cool : ) Moreover, the main actor,Aaron Johnson was very attractive. It might suit him to play a prince than John Lennon,,,!?

Anyway, I’m really think that it was very regrettable that John Lennon Museum was closed down last Sep,,,!
I really liked it as well.


自分の中のイメージやジョンレノン像が大きすぎて、100%映画を楽しむことはやはり難しかったのが正直な 感想ですが、映像はすばらしかった。

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Hawaiian restaurant


one of painted picture on the wall
I went to a Hawaiian restaurant in Ginza with my friends yesterday.
They have small entrance because it’s on the 2nd floor in a building.
I didn’t know that but they opened in May so very clean. Inside of the restaurant is nice! 
They have high ceiling and wide seats that are comfortable.
And it’s kind of dark, nice atmosphere but casual and  colorful pictures on the wall are wonderful.
I really liked it.
For starter, we sheared bagna cauda.

bagna cauda

And after that I took a spaghetti with crab because the picture on the menu looks so good!, my friends took locomoco with hamburger steak and normal locomoco. We shared our main too and those are also very good : )  

After that we had desserts as usual. My friends had a waffle and cake with walnuts&caramel sause. I had tarte with pumpkin. They are Hawaiian restaurant so I thought might be those are big size, but smaller than I thought. (waffle is quite big.)  
We had a really good time with my friends at the resraurant so I felt the time passes so fast!!

pumpkin tarte



cake with walnuts and caramel


ハワイアンなのでもっと大きいサイズを想像していましたが、ペロッといける大きさでした : )
waffle with ice cream



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hand-knit hats


My mother is wonderful and good at knittingb by hand! There is six stone statue of Jizo close to my house and she made cute red knit hat for them. We are praying to them when we go for working with Leo. We like these statues so hope they can go over in this cold winter by warm hats :)  Also she made it for Fuku-chan. Fuku-chan is mascot character of Andon! He is wearing red knit hat and keep warm his head ;) It’s getting cold out side so please take care of yourself!!!

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