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New dictionary


I bought a new electronic dictionary today!

I used the last one around for 10 years(!!) and finally it was broken lately.
When I went to Big Camera in Yurakucho, I was really surprised with the development of electronic dictionaries,,,! I knew that we could listen to pronunciations from a dictionary, but I didn’t know that we could also study Toeic exam by it and could instal some info by a computer,,,!
A shop staff explained many things courteously and I finally found the best one for me,,! It was quite nice quility, however, the cost was almost same to the last one,,!
I was surprised again,,!


やはり丁寧で親切でした。そして、一つの電子辞書を潰れるまで使っていた10年の間にものすごく電子辞書が進化を遂げていることを知り、ただただ驚きました、、! 動画が見れたり、英会話が練習できたり、TOEICの模試ができたり、すごいです。一台一台説明される度に思わず大きくため息をつき、なかなか楽しい時間でしたが、結局自分の環境や仕事のことをい話しして、究極の一台を見つけていただきました。お医者さんのようです。


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Thank you!! Machiko


It was the last day when Machiko worked Andon Ryokan on Sunday of the 26th. She worked very well and we really like her so it was missing date.
She cooked and served Thai noodle for us.  It was soooo tasty and we had a good time with her!
Best wishes for good luck in your new career!!!



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Akira Kurosawa


Mr.Bradley Lukies from Australia is staying at Andon around for 3 weeks. He has a huge knowledge of art gallery of Tokyo. I’m also very interested in art and I have lived in Tokyo since I was born, however, his knowledge is much larger than mine…!

Akira Kurosawa is one of the most famous Japanese film editor. Mr Brad told me about Kurosawa’s exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu.
It was absolutely amazing…!! I was overwhelmed by his powerful painting and beautiful colors.
He is the genuine artist!

Thank you so much for giving such a nice information, Mr. Bradley : )


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My vacation in France. 2


L e  T a r n
I visited Albi after Paris, it’s in Tarn. Albi have been selected as a world heritage, this year.
There is a huge and beautiful church that is made of red bricks. When I get central city, suddenly appeared in front of me and  Inside also amazing.  Wonderful picture with much of blue colored.

La cathédrale Sainte-Cécile

中心街に入ったくらいで突然目の前に現れたのがセント・セシル教会です。赤レンガで造られた、とても大きくて美しい建物です。 教会の中も目が点になるくらいに綺麗な絵画で装飾されていました。主に青色でとても独創的な印象を受けました。

inside of the church

Musée Toulouse-Lautrec

Luckily, I could visit Toulouse-Lautrec museum.  It was very valuable experience for me. I didn’t know much about him but I’m very interested in his work since I knew him on the TV several months ago.
トゥールーズ・ロートレック博物館にも行きました! とても貴重な体験でした。 ポスター画は見たことはありましたが、彼自身の事については無知でした。数か月前にテレビで彼の事を知り、とても興味がありました。 ラッキーでした:)


In this town, most houses are made of stones. This town called Puycelsi.
Different from Albi. It also lovely place I really loved it. Very quiet, calm, and make me feel peaceful. And there are some nice souvenir shops on the narrow street. 
ここは、ピュイセルシという小さな町です。ここはアルビと違い殆どが石造りの建物です。 ここもとても素敵な町で気に入りました。

a bakery

This is a bakery with a cute cat. I got a home made white fig jam and a honey.
Those are pretty heavy so I couldn’t buy many but thay have many sorts of jams and honeys so it’s took time to choose two. I want to go gack to get some more.


I saw many flowers on the street. It was pretty and I really loved this tone of colour.

on a street, lovely flowers and stone wall

the beautiful sky, after the rain
It wasn’t sunny but I enjoyed calm day and I could relaxed very much. On the way to home it was wonderful and made me happy!!

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Imperial Palace-MOMAT


The area around Tokyo Station is a pleasant spot for sight seeing though there are so many office-buildings around…but the large area’s occupied by Imperial Palace and The East Garden, where the various kinds of trees and plants can be found….Of course, I’ve been there few times before but this time was the last memory of my long-journey and life in Japan….So, I want to have a good memory of Tokyo.
I first stoped by MOMAT, The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo and The MOMAT-Craft Museum, both are not far away and exhibits various kinds of contemporary and modern art of Japan’s artists….each art pieces have represented and captivated  real-time charm and history inside the drawing and lines….After, I enjoyed my pleasant time at the museum, I took a short cut through Imperial Palace East Garden to go to Tokyo Station, I was lucky to capture the beautiful sky scenery which I assumed it’s a good sign for my future……That the light will lead me to the right path of success.
The Imperial Palace East Garden
By Machiko

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