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Ghibli’s World and Miyazaki Hayao’s films


New Miyazaki Hayao’s film is going to be released in July 17th!!!!!, presented by Studio Ghibli “Karigurashi no Arrietty” or the name in English is “The Borrower Arrietty”
 The story revolves around “The Tiny People” who live under floorboard of typical Japanese house and borrow things of the big people in order to survive. Base on a fantasy novel by Mary Nortons, The borrowers, the story revolves the relationship between Arrietty and Sho, a young boy who meet Arrietty at the old house where his mother was raised and that’s how the story begun.
  I am looking forward to watch his latest creation and enjoy the beautiful animation. I think after the movie has released, the exhibition at Ghibli Museum will also be changed to coordinate with his lastest film. So, I also can’t wait to go back to visit Ghibli Museum.
  It’s not so easy to get the ticket, since the advance purchase is required and amount of visitors are limited per each round, only 4 rounds available per day. Ticket can be purchased via Lawson, automatic ticket machine.

For more information about the movie, go to Wikipedia or or


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One Happy Little Things


Yesterday, I checked my mailbox and found the package from my boyfriend, who is currently on a vacation in Kuwait. He has sent the 4th Anniversary present earlier to me. I was so happy and opened it at once. I knew that he would get me Swatch’s watch, since I told him that it’s one of my favorite brand. However, what I didn’t know was the design that he had picked out, when I saw I liked it rightaway, it’s a funky heart’s skull design on white color strap which is really cute. What’s more special was the custom-made design card that he created for me.
 Another anniversary that we were apart from each other, but I think distance has no longer be our problem. So, to those who are dating long distance like us, I wish you all the successful and happy relationship and cherish moment once you both are re-united.


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Sky Tree!


Andon is located in the east of Tokyo where is called “Shitamachi”(old Tokyo) and my home town is there as well.
Tokyo SkyTree is under constraction in Sumida-ward where is also in Shitamach area so I see the tower when I go to work every day. It’s getting higher and higher every day!

I went to Oshiage to see a friend of mine today and Tokyo Sky Tree was built just in front of the Oshiage station.When I got off the train and was going up from the underground,the big noise of constraction was heard.When I went out the exit,the huge white tower was rose before my eye’s!
It’s 398m in hight at the morment and the tower will be one of the world tallest for 634m in June 2011.

The constraction surround the tower was also very huge in scale.
Oshiage is a old,commonplace town now,however,it must be going to change vastely in one year.
I can’t wait for the completion..!





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Pancake : )


I love pancake : )
Yesterday I went to pancake restaurant “PANCAKE DAYs ” which is in Harajuku!
Look at this photo! How lovely ♪♪ I loved it. I had pancake with avocado and shrimp and it’s not only cute but also tasty!!  It made me very happy.

Next time I will try as a dessert. Very sweet one maybe with chocolate… : )
They also have special menu for special event like birthday.
please check their web site, it makes you want to go there!


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Enjoy Japan’s Summer Festival in Yukata


My picture from last year, Tanabata Festival
 Today I had a chance to assist a lovely Canadian guest to put on Yukata, Japanese Traditional Summer Wear which reminded me of the time I was taught how to wear Yukata during Tanabata week last year. I was very happy to help her to look beautiful in Yukata and had a chance to use the skill for Andon’s guest. Even though, I am not very good at it like a professional, but seeing her smile has filled up my happiness in the heart.
The Hard Part is to tie Obi
  Anyway, If you have Yukata and forgot how to wear, today, I have a website which introduce you the long history of Yukata and teach you “How to Wear Yukata” step by step with picture and English explaination. So, not only in Japan but also in your country, anywhere anytime, you can take out the Yukata,put it on and just enjoy the beautiful sunny Summer.
Wish my dream with come true!

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