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I went to french restaurant with my friend it called “La Brasserie de l’Institut” which is near to Iidabashi station. It’s next to a french school and very popular so before you go there you should make a reservation. It was rainy day but if it’s sunny, you can take a table outside. They have a nice garden. 
We really enjoyed their food because we didn’t have to be so formal but the atmosphere is wonderful! I loved it so much.
Next time, I want to take a table outside.

We ordered a course menu which has starter, main dish, dessert and drink. It has a quite large quantity of dishes for me but It wasn’t a problem at all. 

The picture on the left side is a starter which I chose(salad with some liver on the top and steamed chicken).  
After the lunch we hanged out around Jiyugaoka station. There are many lovely shops.
Then we went to “Sweets forest”. I heard of that name but I hadn’t been there. There are 6 sweets shops in the one area, just choose whatever you want, take a seat and eat : )    It’s like a Heaven!!
But you have to care of yourself, too much eat sweets is not good. I
wanted have more but I tried not to eat another. 
I ate a fruits tarte, first and for 2nd , I had ice cream with orange and bitter cookies plus walnuts and graham cookies, and what’s more, there is a waffle under the ice cream. It was fantastic ; )
I will go there again in near future.
I  think my stomach is tired now, I have to give it some rest.
飯田橋駅の近くにあるフランス料理のレストランに友達と行きました。フランス語学校の隣にあるレストランで”La Brasserie de l’Institut”というお店です。とても人気があるようで、予約をした方が安心です。晴れていれば外の素敵な庭で食事が可能です。かしこまり過ぎず、リラックスした雰囲気なのでとても楽しく食事ができました。コースの前菜の料理からボリュームがあり、とても満足できました。
そして最後に”スウィーツ・フォレスト”に行きました。 前から名前は聞いていましたが、行ったことが無かったので、とても楽しみにしていました。 6つのスウィーツショップが1つの場所に集まっています。好きな物を選んで買い、席に着いて味わうシステムです。何を買おうかとても迷いました!!私が選んだのはフルーツのタルトとウォルナッツとグラハムクッキーをトッピングしたオレンジとビタークッキーのアイスクリームです。一番下にはワッフルが隠れています。 食べすぎは良くないので(既に食べ過ぎですが・・。)我慢しましたが、もっと食べたかったです ; )

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My mother likes handcrafts very much.
Recently she is using felt cloth and making a lot of things.
She has made cakes,bread,Japanese sweets,vegitables,ice-cream and so on… there are my mother’s hand made works in these pictures.
I  really like them very much!
She is making a lot of kind of animals  now, so we will make zoo after that and thinking about decolating in the house!
Normally she is working to make it when weather is raining.
It will come raining season soon so I’m looking forward to seeing her collections more!
She is very good with her hands and I always respect her very much :)



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Sanja festival part 2


The Sanja Matsuri counted by one of the Edo three major festivals boils Asakusa people’s bloods as a roughness festival of the Edo the greatest, and gathers one million tourists or more now every year.
The emotion of the downtown and shouldering person’s heat pile up the atmosphere of the festival, the foreigner also participates in portable shrine Cats at the same time as being known to the Japanese whole country as Hana in Edo recently, and it is popular as a global festival.


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Sugar butter tree


There is a new small sweets shop in front of the central exit in Ueno station, their name is “Sugar Butter Tree” It’s only 2 stops from Minowa station which is the nearest subway station from Andon. If  you come to Andon you can stop by when you transfer JR line to Hibiya line : )
 I suprised that Ueno station changing so fast(not only Ueno).  Though I often pass the station to transfer but sometimes I don’t notice that something changed but I enjoy it!
This is the first time to get it. It’s quite new.
It’s like a cereal biscuit. Brown one is plain and white one is coverd with white chocolate so apparently they sell it only from the beginning of October to in the middle of May. If you missed this month you can’t try until next October!   Yuka




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Thai Festival 2010


Thai Fesival 2010 is held in Yoyogi park today and tomorrow.
I visited there after work today,When we went into the park,there was a small Thailand in there,,!
Many fine Thai food stalls were vibrant with life as I puzzled which to choose!We took many different dishes and really enjoyed it with Thai beer as we were listening to exotic music.I felt so nice!!
After that,we saw a very famous singer singing on a stage.The place were fill with many Thai people.They were so excited and looked really happy.Some of them were singing with him : )
I understood their feeling.When I stayed in Australia,I really missed Japanese things and I felt very confortable and happy when I listend to a Japanese song in a town : )
The festival must give lots of energy to Thai people who live in Japan.
タイに留学している従姉妹の影響もあり、私はとてもタイの文化や食べ物に興味があります。Thai Festival 2010が今日と明日、代々木公園で開催されています。仕事の後に早速行ってまいりました!
数々のタイフードの屋台が所狭しと立ち並び、会場に流れるエキゾチックな音楽を聴きながら見て回っていると何だか外国旅行をしているような気分になりました : )
また来年も是非参加したいです: )

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