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meeting a nice man!


I found a nice beef tongue restaurant in Ginza in a magazine the other day and tried to visit there with my friend. However, we couldn’t find the restaurant easily.We walked for a while and met a man who was a manager of  other restaurant. He was preparing for the opening  just in front of the restaurant. We showed him the address of  the beef tongue restaurant and he said that it’s just near here,,,so we walked and tried to find it again. Few minutes later, the manager ran after us and said “I checked Google and also asked other staffs in my restaurant and found that the beef tongue restaurant was closed and change to Kushiage restaurant few weeks ago.” How kind he was,,!Of course,we came in his restaurant and had dinner!It was New York style grill restaurant and we had big steak, avocado nacho, fresh salad.etc. with some glasses of beer. It was really fine and all staff was sooo friendly like him : )

It was unfortunate that we missed nice beef tongue, but we unexpectedly had wonderful dinner with nice people!



思いがけずとても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました : )

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Souvenirs !


  I got nice souvenirs from Kayo !

She gave me that I really love!  Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese : ) and a lip cream  flavored with raspberry.



She seems that she had a lot of cheese during her travel, I really want to go there!! And this one is recommended by a local people. I really liked it : )

First, I just cut it and ate, it’s very good and after that  I put on a toast some cheese and it’s melted. It was fantastic!

かよさんは旅行の間チーズを沢山食べたようです、羨ましいです!!そしてお土産用に現地の方のお勧めを購入してくれたそうです。美味しいはずですね:) そのまま食べても美味しいですし、トーストにのせて焼くとトロリと溶けて更に楽しめます。


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Vacation Trip in Paris


I would like to talk about my vacation trip in Paris today! I visited to there first time in my life. I went to there for 3 days so it was very short trip but had a great time!!  I visited ” The Arc de Triomphe” and went to the top of there. Also I walked Paris city and went to a lot of sightseen places. It was really impressive for me!! I found gospel consert when I visited to chirch. It was “Mozart Requiem ” . It was my fast time to listen to the concert in my life so it was really nice and good experience for me. Of course food was amazing and everything special for me!! I fall in love in this city!!! I want to visit to there again.



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Fine dine around Andon


We are located in Minowa where is not very center of Tokyo and also not very touristic. Therefore,I think, it’s a quite good opotunity to find some nice local restaurants when you stay with us : )

I strolled around Minowa with Yuka and visited two nice local restaurants this evening.

One is “Shunsai-Mamaya” where is very close to the station. Few days ago, one Frence couple visited the restaurant and they liked it very much so they went there twice during their stay,,! It was my first visit and I understood their feeling. one husband and wife ran the restaurant and provided really local home cooking and beautiful sashimi,etc.

After that, we moved to my favorit Yakitori restaurant “Kou” where is just 5 min walk from “Mamaya”.  Yakitori is one of my favorit food and theirs are special, sooo tasty,,! They also have many kinds of wonderful side dishes and drinks. I like the atmosphere as well. Every table was filled with local people and full of energy : ) I found our Andon map on the wall in the restaurant,,! Thank you!

There are many exciting towns in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza and so on. I like visit there very much. However, I also reccommend you to experience very local small restaurant with lively local people during your stay : )





二軒目は、私の大好きな焼き鳥レストラン”興(こう)”です。もともと焼き鳥は大好物ですが、ここは良心的な値段ながらとても、とても美味しいです。鶏料理の種類も多く、お店の方の感じも抜群です。いつ行っても地元の人々の活気でにぎわっている店内の雰囲気も好きです。 壁にさり気なく行燈旅館のポスターも発見。嬉しいです。


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familiar friends


This is our cute friends!  This morning  I was putting in order city maps and other things around reception.

Then these friends ware smiling at me!!  They are so cute aren’t they? I just couldn’t help it.

Took a picture and I had a nice day with them!!

彼らは私達の可愛い仲間です! 今朝地図などを受付の周りを整頓していました。 

すると彼らが私に微笑みかけてくれていました :)   とっても可愛いですよね!!写真を撮らずにはいられなくその後も彼らのお陰でハッピーな一日を過ごす事ができました!


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