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I went to “Bonenkai” with boss last Thursday after working! It was held by the company related to some hotels and hotels. Bonenkai is a Japanese drinking party that takes place at the end of the year, and is generally held among groups of co-workers, companies or friends. The bowling rally was held first. I was not good at bowling but had a good time! She took picture of me ;) After that we went to restaurant and had nice food. There were some game and I got cute body care box! It was good experience! Thank you very much for took me at there, Boss(^^)v 
この間、社長と一緒にホテル関連で開催された忘年会へ行って来ました。実は社長と二人で1週間前に秘密のトレーニングをしたのですが、、、結果はダメダメでした(笑)でも、とても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。そのあと、レストランでとってもおいしいコース料理を頂きました。その時間の中で楽しいゲームもあり、私は周りの人のご厚意でとってもかわいいボディーケア商品を頂きました!とってもいい経験をすることができました。社長、ありがとうございました!また、二人でボウリングへ行きましようね!  Kayo                           

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After work☆


I worked with Yuka on the early shift this morning and went shopping for Ginza with her after work today.
It was so beautiful everywhere in that area with Christmas illuminations. We really enjoyed shopping and walking between Ginza and Marunouchi area.
After that, we went to my favorit restaurant in Shin-Marunouchi building. I really like their food, music,  atmosphere, and so on, and I’d have thinked that Yuka must like it, especially their pancake,,! So I took her there.
I guessd right. She looked very happy when the big dish of pancake was coming,,!
We enjoyed chatting for a long time with nice food, drink and beautiful night view in Marunouchi.


夜は新丸ビルにあるHenry good sevenという私の大好きなレストランに行きました。訪れる度に食事をした後必ず大きな手作りのパンケーキをオーダーします。 本当に美味しいんです。
とても楽しいひと時でした : )


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This is my favorite bread for toast.
I knew this bread for a very long time but I had never bought it.
But I have been thinking that I want to try and recently I did.
I really loved it!!! Definitly I will buy it again.
When it had toasted the surface is crunchy and inside is tasty with nice texture : )

You can find it at “The garen” in Ueno station. 


上野駅の中にある”THE GARDEN”で購入出来ます。


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Roppongi Hills


I went to Roppongi Hills! This building is the mega-complex incorporates office space, apartments, shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, a museum, a hotel, a major TV studio, an outdoor amphitheater, and a few parks. Fist, I went to Mori art museam. I saw Odani Motohiko’s exhibition and has created a body of work using diverse techniques and so on. Actually I could not understand very well… but it gave me big impressive. After museam I went to sky deck and observatory. I could see beautiful tokyo night time city view!! I prefer the sky deck because I like highest place:) There is beautiful blue christmas tree in observatory and it told me fortune with star sign! After all of things we went to dinner and shopping at there! I could have really enjoyable time in there.


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Christmas present


I have just finished drawing picture of my grand mother’s house in Kyoto.
I have drawn many pictures and gave them to my grand mother since I was a child, however, this is the first time to draw her house and her beautiful garden : )

I’m going to look for a nice frame and send it to her as a Christmas present!
I hope she will like it : )




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