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Chatei Hatou- Tea & Coffee Cafe


Hiden in a small alley off Meiji Dori in Shibuya is the classic old fashion style Chatei Hatou…One of my favorite tea cafe in Tokyo. The cafe`s speciality is tea and french brew coffee as well as smooth and soft rare cheesecake and sponge cake.
Enjoy your choice of tea or coffee came in unique antique design porcelain cup is the best way to relax in the afternoon in busy city like Shibuya…;)


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Fresh summer vegetables


The heat of late summer is still severe this year..!
The owner of Andon gave me lots of summer vegetables the other day.
I brought them home and my mother cooked Mabo-nasu with them for dinner the next day.
It was rather hot and very tasty : )
It charged much energy into me to fight a heat weather..!



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French restaurant


I went to french restaurant “Brasserie Gus” near Iidabashi station with my friend.
It’s about 10minutes from the station very convenient but little hard to find it, it’s quite small.
I ate again before I take picture. Can you recognize it? It’s rib beef.
It’s very soft and juicy. It melted in my mouth.
And vegetables are so tasty.  
This restaurant is very small and doesn’t have many seats but cozy so I really liked it! I want to go back again. And I had a gateau au chocolat for my dessert which is very good!!  But I want to try tart next!

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Summer Trip to Mt.Takao


 I have heard of Mt.Takao from many people, it seems like a hot spot for trekking all year round. The other day, I finally got a chance to go there with Ryoko san and Airi san…From downtown Tokyo catch Chuo line train all the way to Takao Station and change to Keio line to go to Takaoguchi Station. From the ground, we got a roundtrip cable car ticket to the middle of the mountain and started trekking from there, we chose the most famous and easiest route, No.1, because most of the sight seeing spots could be reached by this route. However, if you like to observe nature upclose, I recommended route No.6
 We had a great time and enjoyed the nature’s beauty, we saw few power spot like “Tako-taki” and I made a wish. After we came back on the ground, we had lunch at Italian restaurant, all the spaghetti and pizza were homemade, they were delicious….:) It’s my memorable Summer Trip.

By Machiko

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Tokyo Tower


I went to dinner with friend last week at Hamamatsucho. I hardly ever visit to there so it was enjoying to explore at there.
After that we walked to Tokyo tower. It takes about 15 min by walking from Hamamatsucho staion.
I recommend to go Shiba-park on the way if you walk to Hamamatsucho to Tokyo tower because it is very calm and beautiful park. Also you can see the Zojo-ji temple and Tokyo tower from there.

I am working in Tokyo but I have been to Tokyo Tower few times in my life. I did not know that it is not so far from Andon and very beautiful tower.
I suggest to go there when you visit to Andon.
Also new tower is constructed in Tokyo which name is “Tokyo sky tree”.
You can see it from Andon!
I am looking forward to seeing it very much.



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